About Puspus Girl

I am a serious sex geek-nerd, kinky, sex positive feminist girl (pronouns she/her) from Scandinavia.I am also a sex toy tester and reviewer and sex educator with a pure and sincere heart I want to be a part of a difference. I want to have a voice that speaks wisdom and positivity around sexuality with a light and honest vibe.

I love life.

I love my sexuality.

I love learning new things….

I love discovering stuff

I love loving myself.

I love loving people.

I purchased my first sex toy  6/2015 and it has been a wonderful ride ever since. I have a great collection of amazing, 100% bodysafe and actually functional sex toys that actually make me orgasm. And I owe my great collection and passion toward sex toys all to amazing sexuality bloggers out there, who are honest, amazing, beautiful and talented people. In a way sex toys have changed my life, I have fallen in love with my sexual side and started to understand myself  better one experience at a time.

I made this blog, because I believe that there can never be to many sex positive people shining the light on the beauty and perplexity of  human sexuality. I am doing this from a passionate sex nerd perspective!



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