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Njoy Pure Plug (medium)


 Njoy Pure Plug Medium is a premium butt plug. The Pure plug is geniously designed to be anatomically ergonomic. It is designed to fit and stay, and  really does deliver to national butt standards.

First Impression

Njoy packaging is so simple, elegant and  beautiful! The Plug is stored in a sturdy black box, with a silver Njoy logo pressed on top. The box doubles perfectly as storage, it´s descreet and classy, nobody would know what it holds inside. Inside the box, you have your Njoy Pure plug laying in hot pink satin (personally  I am not a pink satin lover, but I don´t mind it) If I was the box designer I would have gone with something classier, so it would match the otherwise luxourios feel of the plug and storage box. But anyway, the Pure Plug is nestled safely and comfortably in a styrox mold that protects the Plug from moving around.



The  Njoy Pure Plugs run in a smaller size than what I imagined. I am in no means a butt expert or experienced, neither am I any kind of size queen. I just noticed that my first reaction to the Pure plug was ”Wow, it´s beautiful and heavy and… petite” . I actually had to double check the box that the plug was really a medium and not a small. Yep, it was a medium, just like I ordered. Even though the size was a bit underwhelming, it was very nicely shaped. I kind of also think that the shape of the plug makes it looks smaller than what it really is. The tip is slightly tapered and slanted for easy insertion. From the tapering the Plug widens to it’s girthiest point and tapers back down towards the neck of the plug. The  neck is narrow, slightly curved and long for maximum comfort during use, this is not a ”streacher” plug this more about the weight and ergonomic fit for even long term use. At the end of the toy there is the flat finger loop stopper, with the njoy logo pressed in. The fingerloop flange is very comfortable between my butt cheeks in every position, it even kind of massages my perinium, which is always a plus.

Again the whole design -shape, smoothness and size of the njoy Pure plug is created to be comfortable and ergonomic in practical use. Inserting the toy with any lube (I prefer Sliquid or coconut oil) is very easy, just relax, push the plug against the oppening and it glides in right where it belongs, especially if your butt is up in the air, the weight works in conjuction with gravity and make the pure plug feel like it´s melting into the butt. Sounds fun, I know. It feels sturdy and confident inside my butt, and I feel like I can trust it to stay in. I think it’s the combo of the weight, the narrow neck and just everything that makes it feel like a part of my body, but still gives me pleasurable reminders during use. The curved shape of the plug is also really great during play. Because I notice that when I have a toy in my pussy (thrusting, rocking or just squeezing with kegels), the movement of the vaginal toy  will nudge the Pure butt plug and create very pleasurable feeling in the whole butt area! The handle moves and gives external sensation while the bulb moves inside shifting the weight point of the toy and tickling all kinds of fun nerve endings.
I have also tried it as a pussy plug, and my feelings about this is *meh*… I mean it works if you have nothing else, but I have great toys intended for the pussy that I don´t need to use a butt plug, if you know what I mean.

I personally only use the Pure Plug in one direction. I like the toy to curve towards my anterior (frontal) wall of my butt. Because if it is inserted towards my back, I feel like it nudges uncomfortably against my tail bone area. Also I never use a hard (glass/steel) vaginal toy with the pure plug in my butt. This equals to uncomfort, I feel like the two hard toys pinch the rectoral/posterior vaginal wall between eachother… So soft vaginal toy with this butt plug.


Njoy Pure Plug
Such a stunning beauty.
Njoy Pure Plug
The Njoy logo embossed on the handle.
Stainless steel:

100% bodysafe: Yep, the Pure plugs are sterilizable. I like to wash mine with hot water and soap after every use and like to boil it every now and then. It doesn´t hold on to odors, bacteria of stains. You can swap ypur stainless steel toys with other people after sterilization without running a risk for std or sti.

Temperature play:  Stainless steel is great for temperature play because of its good ability to retain a certain heat. So yep, pop it in cold or hot water and have fun! I personally love the thrill from the cold, and love the calming and grounding feeling from the hot… But obviously be WISE and use common sence and try the heat before inserting, we don´t want no burn marks or frost bites down there.


All in all:


+ 100% bodysafe

+ Very ergonomic, feels like exctension of body.

+ Beautiful and luxorious.

+Will last lifetime if taken care of.



– Size can be underwhelming

– If you like a strech, the neck is too narrow for that.


Njoy Pure plug + wand
Njoy Pure Plug modeling next to big mama, the Njoy Pure Wand


Where to buy:


Betty´s Toy Box


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