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Vixen Creations – VixSkin Mustang

VixSkin, oh VixSkin… I love VixSkin and I love the mustang. It´s such an amazign multipurpoise dildo!

First impression

The Vixskin Mustang comes in five different colors  (Vanilla, Caramel, Cocoa, Tie-Dye and Pink) and this is the Vanilla colored one.

Mustang is packed in a round, plastic tube which doubles as a convenient storage case, it keeps the Mustang upright, the way VixSkin toys should be stored (The silicone is so soft it´s own weight can create a flat surface if it is laying on its side for prolonged periods)

I opened the tube and there the Mustang was, standing, ready to go! The Mustang is just so delicious to squish and fondle. The dildo is made of the lovely VixSkin dual-density silicone, so it has a firm but flexible inner core with a very squishy, soft, awsome outer layer, which resembles a realistic penis and is oh so lovable. The Mustang isn´t a big dildo it is a nice allround size at 6,5″ insetrible and 1,6″ in diameter and it´s very nice for warming up, quickies, oral and anal. So in my bodys opinnion the Mustangs selling point isn´t a filling feeling or a strech , but more for  details and the way it is so multi-functional. The Mustang has a super soft head with a defined, squishy and noticible coronal ridge and upward curved shaft that is slightly thicker at the base. At the bottom there is a suctioncup flared base, which makes the dildo harness compatible and anal safe.

In use


The VixSkin is amazing in every way it is intented to be. It molds to and with my body so it never feels uncomfortable or painful. I will explain this in the specific context further along in the review. The surface of the silicone is tacky and collects lint like crazy, but it also comes off with a simple water wash before use.



As I mentioned the coronal ridge combined with the upward curve does wonders to my vaginas anterior wall´s eroginous spots, like the G-spot and A-spot and cervix. The slight popping sensation that I get when I thrust shallowly back and for over my G-spot and pubic bone also feels nice. The popping feel feels good, because the silicone is so soft, if it was hard it would be way to intense and uncomfortable. Cervical stimulation feel comfortable and pleasurable with the Mustang and that really is a big plus for me. It is the softness I´m telling you, it has so many positive effects.


”It´s not the size of the ship ~ It’s the motion of the ocean”

I also love the suction cup- base, It enables me to ride my Mustang hard without it sliping, sliding or moving.. I like to push it to a tile wall in the bathroom, or pop it on a chair. It will stay in place relatively well, but it does pop off sometimes, depending on the surface it´s sucked on to. A smooth ceramic tile is the best in terms of sticking power, but for example a wooden chair is also fine, but it will pop off every now and then.

The Mustang is great to ride!The softness of the VixSkin  material really comes handy because I have a hard time riding dildos of harder materials, they just rub me wrong. They either hit my cervix or bump into my vaginal walls uncomfortably. With the VixSkin dildos and especially Mustang I finally havn´t had this painful problem. Riding dildos is really fun, so it´s a pitty when it doesn´t work.

The mustang is great for hard,fast and deep thrusting. It can bumb to my cervix, but it won’t hurt at all, it just feels like extra, pleasurable stimulation and extra stimulation that feels great is always welcome into my life. The point is = I can ride him cowgirl, do doggy, shower, bed, chair, wall – no problem no fuss. This is what makes Mustang such a versitile dildo!

But sometimes during intence pc muscle pushing (orgasm) the dildo can ”bend out of my vagina” and be a little too flexible at the second.


The Mustang is also probably my favourite and easiest dildo for oral masturbation! I love to practice all types of oral stuff on my Mustang. So blowjobs and deep throat fun and just general oral stimulation. Again, I have to credit the feeling and softness and flexibility of the VixSkin. The Mustang slips, glides, rubs and bumps all the way down and around my throat without that much effort. I mean it has taken practicing, but the journey has been fun and with much ease. I personally have grown to really enjoy the gagging sensation (In a sexual context and mindset) but with all the practicing my reflex has dampend down alot, which makes the bj much easier for me.


So the last way I use my Mustang is in my butt. Yes, I like butt fun and the Mustang feels great there too. It is a very comfortable size in my butt, even for me  (I am still a newby to anal play). I like to warm up with a couple of vaginal+clitoral orgasms, so all my muscles get warmed up, relaxed and ready. I always use a condom on the mustang anally, because butt smell will kling on to the silicone otherwise. I am saying this from experience… I had to boil the mustang three times for 5 minutes until the smell came off, not fun… Then I just add a generous amount of Sliquid lube to everything and everythings ready to gThe mustang flexes and molds to my body and it´s not intruding. Great butt dildo, but seriously remember the condom, if you don´t like the butt smell on your toys!

After care 

My favourite thing about 100% bodysafe materials includin silicone is that it can be compleatly sterilized! This is the only reason I can use my Mustang in so many ways. The boiling option is a key feature in any sex toy if using with multiple people or in multiple orfices = anal + vagina + mouth! ( I use my toys alone, but use them in many places)

I like to wash my Mustang with warm water and soap after any everyday oral/vaginal use. And after any butt fun I will first do a soap-water wash and then boil it for 3 minutes.  After a good wash, I will  let the dildo air dry, so it gets packed in the case fresh and dry.

All in all:


+ Great multi-functional realistic dildo! 

+ 100% bodysafe

+ Suctioncup (analsafe, harness compatable, sticks to flat surface)


– Can hold on to butt scent, if not boiled multiple times

– The squishiness sometimes is too squishy for g-spotting and during intense thrusting or orgasm the dildo can feel a little wabbly and be pushed out.

– During a long session the size will start feeling too small and I want to size up.


Get the Mustang:
Betty´s Toy Box


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