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We-Vibe Tango

The We-Vibe Tango has the power of a little village. It is such a feisty little power punch! It´s the most powerful bullet vibe I´ve tried.


First impression:

The We-Vibe Tango came to me in a simple classy box, with a charging cable, a white satin storage bag and some little manual. Everything is packed very easy and neat. The box is not compleatey discreet (photo of tango on front), but it does work as great storage.



We-Vibe Tango Basic info:

  • Material: ABS-plastic
  • Size: 3,5″/8cm x 0,75″/1,6cm and weight: 40g
  • 2 colors pink and blue (+some kits have the white tango)
  • 8 function bullet vibrator for powerful clitoral stimulation
  • Single-button interface operates 8 speeds and patterns
  • Built-in memory remembers the last pattern you used
  • Angled tip offers precise and broad stimulation options
  • Waterproof and USB rechargeable – ideal for travel
  • Includes USB charger and satin drawstring storage bag


In Use:

I began my journey with my new Tango by doing the initial charge for the recommended 2hours. I was happy that the charge time isn´t crazy, but I wasn´t happy about how fiddly the magnetic charger was. It made the charging time go from a 2 hour ”plug in and do something else to distract my mind off the waiting- charge” to a ”I have to babysit this charger the whole time and just be patient- charge”. Ok, maby not that dramatic, but still it is too fiddly for convinience… Finally after I got the charging ready, I got to try my Tango out, yippii!

We-Vibe Tango
Charging magnets and little small control button.

Holy WOW! I turned the Tango on from the bottom button and it buzzed on! I honestly was surprised how strong the vibrations were, even on just the lowest setting. Just to give you an idea, the lightest vibrations on the Tango where stonger that any other bullet I have tried even on their strongest settings. I had heard that it was one of the most powerful and rubly vibes on the market, I mean this is why I bought it. And even though I knew this I was still kind of surprised, that actually something so tiny could have the potential to vibrate so deep and rumbly. It made me giggle a bit. Not was it only very powerful but very quiet and discreet as well. I mean huge applause to We-Vibe in creating a very strong but quiet motor! It is quiet enough that you can’t hear it through a duvet and definitely not through a closed door. With Tango I am totally safe and covered in the noise aspect! I scrolled through the different settings (just pushing the bottom button) and the strongest vibrations are so strong it was hard to push the button again, it tried to wiggle out of my hands.


I usually start warming up by doing this thing where I place my Tango between my labia majora, so the vibrations carry to my clit a little more broad and gentle. The vibrations on the Tango are the most consentrated on the tip and less pronounced down the handle area, so I like to play around with different parts and placements. My favourite settings are the steady speed 1 and 2. The vibrations penetrate quite well into my inner clitoris. The different patterns are fine sometimes…

My favourite way to use the Tango is internally. I would turn on the Tango and insert it in my vagina and it vibrates agains my G-spot very intensly. I use sometype of other clitoral stimulator on my clit and the internal vibes with clit stim is very very pleasurable. The vibrations are so intense they arepinchy if they get all the way to the cervix, but that rarely happens. My PC muscles push the Tango out so it stays at a good placement, just at the oppening and G-spot. It will shoot out of my vagina, so I hold it in with a finger blocking it´s path out. Very intense orgasms and intence pc muscle pulsations.


The Tango also fits in many dildos with a bullet vibe hole. The vibrations again are strong and rubly so they carry through the toy better than other bullet vibes I´ve tried!


There are also other fun and creative ways I like to use my Tango:

  • Great for nipple stimulation
  • Stimulate all erogenous zones.
  • Plump up your lips (I mean the lips that are on your face, under you nose), the vibrations are strong they stimulate blood flow to the lip area. I have tried this and my lips become red and slightly plump and sensitive for a moment. Fun extra.


All in all:


I like to use my Tango for quickies, or when I am tired and don’t have the energy to ”do all the work”, the Tango will cater to my needs. It is a great classic cornerstone piece in my sex toy collection, a must have item. It´s such a  basic, discreet and classy vibe, that has great quality vibrations and will serve many women and probably even men. If you are sensitive, you can use it through clothing and if you crave serious power, Tango got you covered.


There is one negative side tho, which I am a little sad about. The battery is kind of fast to run out. I can get a session in, but for me it doesn´t last much longer with me. And even that would be cool, if I wouldn´t have to fiddle with the charging situation. But I am lucky to own two WeVibe Tangos so I can switch alternate to the one with battery life.



  • + Strong, powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • + Very discreet and quiet.
  • + Waterproof, rechargable, bodysafe…
  • + Serves many people in different kinds of ways
  • + Can be inserted into dildos/plugs to make them vibrate



  • – Charging…. This is the worst feature, but overcomable (insert pun, you get it.. the vibrator so good you can overCUMit…)
  • – Very  powerful, too powerful for some
  • – Batterylife is on the short side…


Videos demonstrating the vibration patterns and strength and noise level


Where to buy:
Betty´s Toy Box



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