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Vixen Creations – VixSkin Bandit

“The Bandit is so lush, plush and yummy. This dildo rubs all the right places with the vaginally ergonomic shape, size and texture” – here’s my review of the Vixen Bandit VixSkin Dildo!

First Impressions

The Vixen Bandit VixSkin Dildo comes in a see through plastic box, which I also use as storage. The box has a label on it that tells some basic info about the Vixen Creations brand and the VixSkin silicone (material, cleaning…).I don´t consider the box “discreet”, it is seethrough afterall so I keep it away from prying eyes. I also keep the box upright because VixSkin dildos are suggested to be stored standing up on their base. Why, you may ask? Because the soft silicone layer on the VixSkin is more delicate so if it lays on it´s side for an extended period of time it can create a flat surface on the silicone

C = Circumference 

D = Diameter


Basic Info

In the box there lays the Vixen Bandit (Vanilla ) VixSkin Dildo by Vixen Creations. Bandit is a realistic dual-density dildo with balls as a flared base. The dildo comes in three colors Vanilla, Caramel and Cocoa. The Bandit stands at 8″ long and is a girthy 1,75″-2″ in diameter. Bandit has a taperd less pronounced head and coronal ridge, the shaft soon thickens to it´s full girth, and tapers just a bit back towards the base, where the balls/flared base connect to the shaft. The balls are not too cute, they are flat and have a soft squarish shape and have detailed wrinkles on them.

The VixSkin dual-density silicone is honestly my favourite realistic dildo material! The solid silicone inner core gives the Bandit a flexible but stable shaft, with enough sturdiness to stand up straight and work even in intense harness/thrusting use. And don´t even get me started on the amazing VixSkin squishy soft outer layer silicone! It like the softest stress ball, I really like to just squish, wiggle and touch it. The only negative is that is sticky and is a lint and fluff collector! But hey, quite a small thing to deal with, I just wash it before use. Also a great quality water-based lube is something you will probably need to use with VixSkin so you don´t compromise the more delicate outerlayer silicone.

The balls are very convenient. They make the Vixen Bandit VixSkin Dildo O-ring strap-on harness compatible, serve as a great handle during use and also make the Bandit anal play safe.

There are some minor things you should also be aware of with the Vixen Bandit VixSkin Dildo. The surface of the silicone is tacky and can collect fluff so pre washes are sometimes necessey. Also a great quality water-based lube is something you will  need to use with VixSkin toys, otherwise the silicone can be damaged.

During Use


I absolutely adore the Vixen Bandit VixSkin Dildo! I often like to warm up with something a bit smaller. Even though Bandit is squishy and pliable it is still a girthy dilso – I like to warm and relax my muscles for Bandit to feel good and not owie or strechy.

While in use I would describe Bandit as “vaginally ergonomic”. I don´t mean “so ergonomic you don’t feel it” but more like “so ergonomic that it presses and nudges all my eroginious spots”. The tapered tip and the less pronounced coronal ridge make for easy insertion and a great thrust dildo, without any pubicbone popping. The girt of the shaft delivers a nice filling feeling, without uncomfortable stretching or sore angles. It feels nice using it as a dildo plug and clenching around it , but even better when I thrusted!

Another great thing about the less pronounced squisy bandit head is that even when thrusting deeper and the dildo is hitting my cervix, it doesn´t cause uncomfortable cervix pain. It creates a plasurable preassure sensation that compliments all the other greatness going on.The Bandit simply massages my vagina from the inside in great ways! It stimulates my G-spot just with it´s girth and slight friction!

I do like to add some lube throughout a longer session so friction doesn´t get too intense. I think the slight realistic texture (veins, skin like texture) adds to the friction. The balls are handy in some instances and sometimes they can be annoying. They do act as a handle depending on which way I am holding the dildo. The shaft is also long enought to use as handle in certain situation. The balls also make the dildo easily ridable, I tie the dildo to a pillow with a o-ring and rope and it will stay put. A good dildo riding experience needs multiple things to be inline otherwise it can be difficult for me. The dildo needs to stay where I place it (O-ring and pillow tie), it has to bee flexible ans soft (harder dildos always rub me wrong and hurt my vaginal walls and cervix) and it has to be long enought that it stayes in me while I move (short dildos plop out of my vagina continuously…).


The Bandit is one of my favourite blowjob dildos! It is a step up from my VixSkin Mustang.  The size definetley feels more challenging than the Mustang, but the tapered tip and squish factor make it more managable an nice. It bend down the curve of my throat and doesn´t poke anything uncomfortably. Any rougher deep throat play will irritate the troat some amount, but the squishier and more maluable the dildo the less it will irritate.


In the butt, the Vixen Bandit VixSkin Dildo is stellar. Again, the tapered tip, and less prnounced coronal ridge are great traits for a dildo that is used in the butt. The Bandit is one of my first dildos I used anally, and it really felt very good! No pain, no discomfort just a slight stretching feeling, but nothing negative! I think it’s the squishiness that feels very pleasurable and forgiving for my butt, it’s so gentle and contours to my body and doesn´t force anything . The VixSkin dildos can collect some butt scent, so I recommend using a condom during anal.

All in All

Multiuse dildo, I love it and use it regularly. Absolutely love the VixSkin silicone! Cleaning up is easy, just wash with water and soap or boil the Bandit for 3minutes. Great for using with multiple partners and multiple orfices, because of the strilizability.


+ 100% bodysafe, 100%platinum grade silicone

+ ”Vaginally ergonomic” anatomically pleasurable shape

+ Great introduction to bigger dildos, without stepping into size queen territory.

+ The wonder of dual-density silicone

+ Realistic look and feel (a real penis isn´t as squishy but still pretty close)

+ Multiuse dildo (vaginal, oral and anal)

+ Lifelong guarantee from Vixen Creations


– Storage box doesn’t stay up on it´s own and isn´t discreet

– Soft silicone comes with some practical down sides

– Tacky surface collects fluff

– Balls look kinda funky (but they are still handy)


Where to buy the Bandit:
Betty´s Toy Box









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