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Womanizer pro w500

Womanizer W500 was hands down my favourite and most used clitoral stimulator of 2016!


I was so glad when Womanizer finally launched the W500,  it had a much classier look to it´s colours and patterns. I bought the white/Silver colored one and was excited to get my hands on this clitoral stimulator that had been raved about in the sex blogger community.

First impression

The Womanizer W500 came in a sleek (but not very discreet) white box with a photo of the W500 on the front. Inside the box there was the Womanizer, a charging cable, black satin pouch and an instruction manual.

The Womanizer W500 is made from bodysafe ABS plastic, and it has two different sized 100% silicone changable clitoral nozzles. The crystal button is  the on/off switch (hold for 2sec), then there are the + and – buttons for 8 different stimulation strengths.

In use

I began my Womanizer journey By charging the W500 for the recommended 2 hours. I knew it was ready when a green light stopped blinking and became a steady green light. I took the usb cord off and pressed the crystal button, this time a red light blinked on the nozzle to inform me that the Womanizer was now on. There was a faint helicoptery sound, that went almost silent when I pressed my finger against the nozzle that succled air.

I recomend adding a fair amount of waterbased lube on, between your clitoris and the nozzle. So there forms a better ”airtight seal” for the suction to work, and that there isn´t any friction on your vulva (you don´t want to chafe)!

…Any way. On my body, the nozzle finds it´s way to my clitoris and forms a seal effortlesly. The sensation is very interesting. I would describe the stimulation feeling like bubbles or fast nibbling. It feels beautiful! The low settings are for warming up and the peak/cool down of orgasm and middle range/high speeds for building and having quickies. I can personally orgasm with the womanizer the easiest off all my clitoral toys!

I will build up to an orgasm very fast (1-2minutes) and right when I ”go over the edge” into an orgasm, I will press the crystal button, the W500 scrolls the strength setting back to the lowest one and I can orgasm with the minimal stimulation. This helps me not to get too sensitive, but still having some stimulation, the orgasm lasts long and steady and just oh so sweet.

I have heard many people having trouble combining the Womanizer with internal stimulation like a dildo or such, but for my body it totally works. My favourite thing to do is to combine my Womanizer with somekind of internal stimulation. The Womanizer works so well with my body that I can choose almost anything,  a good butt plug or dildo which I can move slowly or just keep still and squeeze around. A dildo that needs thrustable dildo, internal vibrator, funny weird position experiments… Very many things are possible for me! Maby I have come accustome to the womanizer or the womanizer was build for my type of human…

There are a couple of things that don´t work, and I´ve narrowed my experiences down so that I´ve been able to make an analysis. The womanizer doen´t work on my body, if i press it into my vulva with weight/force. For example, laying on my stomach with the womanizer under my bodyweight nudging harsly agains me.. But if I tilt my pelvis and butt up so there is space under my pelvic area and no bodyweight on the womanizer against me, then I´m totally happy again.

I havn´t used the womanizer with a partner, so I can´t say how it would work there..

I can be completely satisfied with the Womanizer, but it can also work as a great warm up.toy. Sometimes when I´m just sitting/laying down, I will just place the W500 between my legs and do someting else and let it succle my clit, it´s a fun extra to anything 😀

Also the different size silicone heads feel different on my vulva. The smaller one feels more intense and pinpointy than the bigger one. They are both nice and deliver different sensations. I do wish, that they would come up with a slightly softer and squishier rim, so it wouldn´t be so nudgy.

Two different nozzles deliver different sensation

The battery life is outstanding! It charges for give or take 2 hours and I can use it multiple long times, and when the battery is close to empty, the red light on the nozzle starts blinking.

Cleaning is also simple, just wash the silicone head and wipe down the Womanizer body after every use. Also there is a deep clean manual on the Womanizer website.

All in all

I don’t really know what else to say. For me the Womanizer works really well, it gives me amazing orgasms every time, over and over again. I love it. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to all who like clitoral stimulation.


+ Bodysafe

+ Very special and pleasing stimulation

+ Discreet noise and appearance

+ Pleasures soft and leazurley or hard and explosively

+ My go to clitoris toy!



-Can be loud in not in airtight seal

-Expensive (but I would still pay the price)

Where to buy:

Betty´s Toy Box


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