Sexy Goals 2017

A new year, the year 2017 has come upon us and it´s time for me to make some goals for the year 2017. I have always been a New Year person, I like to make resolutions and keep them, I like to write goals down and see what I accomplish. I want to list my sexuality/sexy/sex goals for 2017, let´s see what happens and what are still not fulfilled in one year.



  1. Buy a HugHer Tango TW11 fucking machine.
  2. Keep a personal masturbation and orgasm diary.
  3. Learn new ways to masturbate and have new types of orgasms.

Sex Toys

(If I get the product, I mark it as pink)

  1. Fucking Machine Tango TW11
  2. Vixen Creations – VixSkin Maverick
  3. Vixen Creations – Vixskin Outlaw 
  4. Fucking Sculptures – G-spoon medium
  5. Fucking Sculptures – Double Trouble
  6. Tantus – Adam O2
  7. Magic Wand Rechargable
  8. Chakrub – Amethyst
  9. Chakrub – Rose Quartz
  10. The BJ dildo – turquoise/green
  11. L´amourose Prism V (light blue)
  12. Funkit Kenton – Pommel, Oracle, Swat, Swing V2 and swell
  13. Womanizer – +SIZE
  14. Aslan Leather – Jaguar (black)
  15. Bad Dragon – Nox the Night Drake
  16. Fleshlight – mini lotus
  17. Impacty and hitty things

……………so many toys…………….


Blog Goals

  1. Find my personal niche, who am I as a sex positive blogger and writer.
  2. Grow my newbie blog, Instagram and Twitter .
  3. Write reviews of all the toys I already own.


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