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Favourite sex toys of 2016

Here are my favourite and most used sex toys in 2016! It was a good year for me personally, the year I built most of my collection and bought amazing toys after hours of fun research time. I didn´t have any huge flops but I did have amazing toys that earn a post where I call them my favourites of the year!

Sliquid lube

After reading Dangerous Lilly´s – The Big Lube Guide I have only bought  Sliquid. I used a ton of different Sliquid lubes and have ploued through bottles of this amazing stuff! I love all of them, I don´t have a distinct favourite, I just use different ones for different things and different materials.

Womanizer W500

My absolutley favourite and most used clitoral stimulator was the Womanizer w500! It is an orgasm guarantee for me. It is my go to for a quickie and a favourite for marathon sessions. It keeps my sensitivity high without any numbing and has given me countless multiple orgasms! It is just so dreamy on my clitoris.

Vixen Creations VixSkin

Hnnng…! I bought three Vixskin dildos in 2016, first was Bandit then came Mustang and the newest edition was the Buck. I even have two more VixSkin dildos shipping my way at the moment of writing this post. So yes, love them to the moon and back! I love to bj them, use them vaginally and they are amazing for anal (remember a condom). Also love to just fondle and give them hand jobs that give me a childish amount of giggly pleasure.

Njoy Pure Wand

Yes, this is a dildo I had to get to know but it was worth the wait. For a while I just didn´t understand it, I didn´t get the hype and it didn´t do anything for me. So I left it for a while and in November I wanted to learn my way around it. And it clicked, sheets and I where soaked and I almost passed out. Not just once, but every time after that. It isn´t a quickie toy, it is for marathon sessions when I want to take my time and have insane orgasms and change my sheets after.


I adore Tantus. I love their quality, morals, prices and pretty much everything about them. I bought several (six) dildos from them on Black Friday, and have been fondling, photographing and loving them ever since!

 Doxy Die Cast

My first and at the moment still my only wand vibrator. Love it´s beauty, power and what it does to my body aka gives me great orgasms and massages my muscles.

We-Vibe Rave

My first internal vibe. I have really enjoyed the Rave and it´s power and shape. I like the unsymmetrical aspect, I get different stimulation from different positioning of the vibe. Ah, like very much!

Liberator Axis Magic Wand Mount

Yes yes and yes. It is such a versitile wedge style position aid and a toy mount. I have had a ton of fun trying stuff and positions and orgasms with this thing. especially when having a long masturbatory session, changing the angles of my body feels nice and different. And the toy mount property is also a great addition, I have been very creative about all the toys I have stuck into the Axis! Doxy Die Cast, Vixskin dildos and some other dildos too… I have had so much fun and a couple good laughs testing, climbing and humping the Liberator Axis.

Yoni Eggs Global

I bought a Hematite egg from them. Actually I bought one but lost it then bought a second one, because I loved it so much! It has strengthend and brought my attention to my vulva. I do feel much juicier, turned on and more aware of my vulva during and after use! I love my Yoni eggs!



So yes, these where my favourite and most used sextoys of the year 2016. I grew my sextoy collection, had a ton of orgasms and had fun exploring my sexuality! I hope 2017 is even bigger and better. I hope a can get even more amazing sex toys to try and I hope I can start collaborating with amazing companies!


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Photo of all the toys mentioned in the post!


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