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Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is a sex blogger legend. It is one of those toys that you will here most sex educators recommending. It is beautiful, simple and it really works with my body. I even named it one of my favourite sextoys of 2016. But I did have a learning curve with it.

First Impression

The Pure wand comes in a black beautiful njoy box, with a pink satin inside. The box is very classy and luxurious and is great for discreet storage.

The very  first thing I noticed he I took the pure wand in my hands that it was seriously hefty! I mean it is a solid pound of medical grade (316) stainless steel! The Pure wand has been shined to a mirror like finnish. I has a small embossed njoy logo in the middle of the Wand. The Njoy Pure wand is a curved, solid stainless steel wand with different sized bulbs at each end. Both ends offer different types of stimulation for different purposes.

In Use

As I said, I had a slight learning curve with the Pure wand! When I first got it my body just didn´t understand the stimulation. It felt awkward and non thrilling, just heavy and ouwie in my vagina, it bumbed my pubic bone internally and pressed my vaginal walls in weird and unforgiving ways… But one day I decided to learn it! I wanted to understand the raving about it and made it my mission to make it work with my body. And oh my God, I learned it, and understood it and totally fell in love!

Number one thing with my body is that I have to already be warmed up before playing with the Pure wand. I warm up by to having multiple orgasms already, so all the muscles in the pelvic reagion are plumped and relaxed . Otherwise it is a uncomfortable painful steel hunk proding my vagina.  The Pure wand can also get very cold so the temperature play aspect can be very thrilling or annoying, depending on how I´m feeling

The stainless steel doesn´t really require that much lube so little goes a long way. You can use any type of lube you want, oil/silicone/water based, all are compatible with the material.

The Bigger bulb (1,5″ in diameter) is my favourite and most used. When inserted and left in place, the weight of the Pure wand creats a filling sensation, which can feel comforting and add some stimulation to clitoral stimulation. But I personally  prefer movement. I like to angle the bulb to my G-spot and press, rock, jiggle and do mini thrusts! The weight and solidness creats a very intense g-spot sensation. What I mean to say is that it creates the most intense G-spot stimulation I have ever felt! I feel like I want to pee, squirt, sweat, moan, scream and cry all at the same time, and it feels so body tremblingly amazing! And very soon paired with clitoral stimulation, the most intense orgasms and squirting happens. Like seriously, I (almost) pass out from the intensity. I need to always prepare with towels under my butt so I don´t soak the bed, water so I can repleanish and just pleanty of time to recover from the euphoric craziness I have just endured.

The smaller end (1,25″ in diameter) is also fun. I havn´t used it as much, but anally it is pleasurable. The wand has such a curve that the bulb easily stimulates my G-spot through the rectoral wall. It feels so amazing having my G-spot and butt stimulated at the same time! Vaginally the small bulb isn´t really my thing. It is very pinpoint and intence stimulstion, so if your into that, it could be great.

Tips and tricks

I highly recommend reading Hey Epiphora´s Njoy Pure Wand review and her Njoy Pure Wand tips. But I will give my own personal tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Be ready and Warm Up

I have to be physically, mentally and time wise ready and prepared for a serious Pure Wand session. The sessions are actually physically very draining (in the best way possible). Warming up is key to my enjoiment of the Pure Wand! Multiple orgasms ahead make my body ready, wet, plump and relaxed…

Prepare materialistically

Towels or a water proof blanket (like the Liberator – Fascinator Throe I am dying to get!) to protect your bed (or what ever you are on) from the squirt, sweat, lube and all the messy goodness 🙂


This was key for me in learning how to explore the Pure wand. And it´s important to explore what works for you and your body and preferances. I personally find ”face down ass up”  with my Liberator – Axis Magic Wand Toy Mound under my hips the easiest and most ergonomic. Sometimes I install my Doxy Die Cast in the Axis and other times I use some other type of clitoral stimulation (Womanizer, Tango, Rave…). Gravity does most of the work placing preasure on my G-spot while I can easily pull and move the Pure wand in great ways. My arms and wrists get it easier ang G-spot get´s it harder, so a good trade off.

Laying on my back is pleasurable, but takes way more work from my hand and wrist. Getting a proper hold of it is so difficult, it is too thin to get a grip and too curved to thrust back and forth. My tactic is just to hold on to it with some awkward finger hold and struggle the whole way through, but it is totally worth it! Holding with two hands would be easier but then I wouldn´t get clitoral stimulation so that is a no go…

After care

This is interesting… The sessions are so intense I often feel fatigue and nausea after. The hormonal fluctuations and adrenaline weaning down, muscle spasms, and holding my breath all contribute to the post session drained feeling… I find this to be awsome and uncomfortable at the same time, it is like a athletic performance, it´s normal to feel a little off after. Just remember to take it easy, hydrate and repleanish your body with food and water and rest.

All in all


+ The most intense and amazing G-spot and squirting sex toy I have ever encountered

+ The strongest orgasms I have ever had

+ Bodysafe

+ Beautiful

+ I don´t know, I just love this so much! I can´t list all the good things!


– Hard to hold on to, fingers and wrists get tired

-Can be uncomfortable before warmup

– Not suitable in every position or every moment

So do I recommend the njoy Pure Wand? Is this even a question? Yes, absolutely yes! It is my go to when I want to have exreamly intense orgasms or when I want to squirt. It is one of my favourite sextoys, it is bodysafe, sterilizable and can totally be used in self defence. It is a sextoy legend for a reason, and it has totally earned it´s title as a G-spot God and a must have! Really, if anything ever happens to my Pure Wand I would buy another one at a heart beat.



Where to buy
Betty´s Toy Box


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