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January Favourites 2017

January was a very eventful and busy for me! I had a ton of work (at my day job, have been doing 40-70hour weeks). I got plenty of new toys, talked with amazing people and grew my Social Media! And (partially) kept my New Years resolutions. All in all I am a very happy girl.

 I had 155 orgasms, I am very proud.

New sex toys:

I bought and got alot of sex toys, and I am so happy, like seriously over joyed about the amount my collection grew this month! I am a step many dildos closer to my dream to have a collection like Lunabella from Ninjasexology!

The amazing KinkyKittenKim was lovely to send me these toys as a  #TeamAmazeballs happening.#TeamAmazeBalls

ASOS and Boohoo
  • Lingerie and sexy wear. Really have been loving lingerie. Especially black strappy and black mesh lingerie. So minimalistic and sexy.

Sexy Goals of 2017

I have stuck to my goals and have even accoplished some of them already! I bought the Outlaw, Aslan Leather Jag and some Impact/hitty things. So success!

Masturbation Diary // I also have been pretty diligent with my orgasm tracking , and have remembered to to write my masturbations sessions and orgasms and used toys etc. down in memory, and oh wow! That is so fun, I have learned even more about my sexuality, libido and body. I highly recommend keeping some sort of a orgasm/sex/masturbation/self care diary, especially if you are into charts and sex geekery! It has really made me notice my patterns and correlations between my hormonal cycle and sex drive, the toys I actually use the most, the positions I really like etc. And also the thing I want to focus on more in the coming months ahead. I keep my diary in a notebook calender, but just recently also made a very detailed Excel spreadsheet, it is so fun!

I am also super happy about my Twitter and Instagram! I have been loving both and really feel like I´m getting into the groove on things. I have made some friends on both, and feel more like a part of the sexpositive community and it feels really nice. Thank you all!

Things I loved in January 2017

Masturbation and self care

In the midst of my busy scedule I made time for self care, specifically in the form of masturbation. My masturbation diary has really encouraged me to do more adventourous things so I can write them down as new and exciting.

Position// I really enjoyed Cowgirl and Doggystyle this month. I felt like I got the hang of them, and my body has been rewireing itself to orgasm in these positions easier and faster and with less effort.

Location// My own bed is the most comfy but I was pretty adventourous with my masturbatory places this month… Enough said

Self love// Self shibari, self spanking, self love and self care are amazing, important and theraputic.

Sex toys

I really got into vibrators this month and I am really interested about this evolution. In the past my vulva just didn´t respond orgasmically toward vibration, but I noticed a dramatic change. I guess my body just rewired itself to receive pleasure from a different sensation. Bodies are so amazing!

VixSkin Mustang // Yes, my fave allround dildo and have really been using it alot in so many ways! All the BJ´s, all the G-spotting, all the fondling and all the photography. I got the Tie-Bright colour and it is just stunning! The perlecent bottom and perfect swirl of my prefered colors, it is a beauty ❤

We-Vibe Tango and Rave// Vibration felt amazing this month! And these two are the rumbliest and most penetrative vibes I have. They actually converted my clit to a vibe enthusiest and I am very happy about this! I do like the Rave internally, but just somehow the rumbly vibrations that penetratively reverberated throughtout my whole inner clitoral structure felt over the moon amazing, like very many orgasms amazing! Also both are way easy to hold agains my vulva when masturbating in different positions.

Womanizer W500// I bought my W500  a year ago, and it broke, so I sent it to the store I bought it from and got a replacement, and yes I still love it.

Hitty things// I was really into self spanking. It is fun and light hearted, and the pain feels very relaxing. And the tiny bruises are cute.

Aslan Leather Jaguar// I love my own Aslan Leather Jaguar strap on harness. It is so beautiful and luxurious and just amazing quality. I love practicing my hip thrust tecnique on a pile of pillows. It probably looks hilarious and it is, it´s really fun and a great workout!


I love sex podcasts! I love listening to them every chance I get (I love to be athletic so when ever I cycle, run, walk or just clean my home or am doing ”nothing” I am probably listnening to a podcast or something similar). I am such a addict to learning new things that I am always on a lookout for new good quality sex geekery podcasts! But here are the ones I have been enthusiastically listening to this month!

The Dildorks  // Kate and Bex are hilarious, punny and adorable! They are both amazing sexbloggers, educators and just fun people to follow! They have very wise things to say about sexuality, relathionships and just life. I always wait for the weekly episode with giddy exitment!

Sex Gets Real // Thank you so much What´s My Body Doing for the podcast recomendation! I have been loving the fun and open way Dawn talks about sexuality and her own experiences! ”Sex Gets Real is an honest, down-to-earth look at sex, BDSM, kink, relationships, masturbation, queer culture, and everything in between.”.

Sex Nerd Sandra // This is one of the first sex podcasts I found! I love Sandras podcast and the people she asks on are so interesting and knowlidgable. Sandra hasn´t uploaded new episodes in some time now, but the older ones are still just as interesting and eye opening!



I really like porn, that said I don´t really use pornographic material in masturbatory intention all that often (I do but rarely). I watch educational porn for education, and great quality porn for inspiration and fun.

I have been researching alot about feminist and ethical porn and really want to become an ethical porn consumer! I am avid about living an ethical life and feel like porn is a huge part where we should make better choises! We should pay for our porn and consume it in a wise manner.

Porn I have loved this month :

Heather Brooke // Thank you Kate Sloan for introducing this BJ Queen to me! Watching Heather Brooke give a bj and deepthroat is very relaxing and almost hypnotic. She is my bj #goals and makes me want to practice even more to acuire the skills as her.

XR University // I really enjoy watching their montly episode on different BDSM subjects. January´s episode was Female Chastity with Paisley Parker. I simply love learning about new things. And Paisley Parker is a beauty, so it was really a pleasure to watch!


I have been loving music and masturbation – combined. Music can get me turned on in a nano second and can give me some serious rhythm to masturbate to. It can set the mood and vibe to my feels. Some faves this month have been

My sexy spotify


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  Highlights and little things ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥Tons of new toys ♥ Twitter and instagram ♥  Vibrators ♥ Masturbation diary ♥ Podcasts ♥ Sex Geekery ♥ New Friends ♥ Rewiring body ♥ Self love ♥ Adventurous masturbation ♥ Self Shibari ♥ Masturbating in front of the mirror ♥ Dildo photography ♥ Kate Sloan/Girly_juice Bextalkssex ♥ Platonic sex conversations ♥ Sex marks and bruises ♥ Writing ♥ Selfdiscovery ♥ Coffee ♥ Mesh Lingerie ♥ Calling dommy woman ”daddy” ♥ Tabu free convos ♥ Vulva sugaring ♥ Don´t mix vulva and vagina ♥ Strap ons ♥ Pervertables  ♥ Talking to family about blog ♥ DIY kink and lingerie ♥


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