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Satisfyer Pro Deluxe


I was very intrigued by Satisfyers new line that came out. I have loved my Womanizer W500, Womanizer Pro 40 and I also enjoyed my Satisfyer Pro 2. So when Satisfyer reliesed their four new ”air pulse” clitoral stimulators, I was jumping off the walls. And at the moment of the peak of my hype, the Pleasure Panel had all the four toys in reach.



The Deluxe is the most different out of the rest of the Satisfyer range. It has a very distinct design compared to all the other ones. The Deluxe is an ovular pebble shaped air pulsation – clitoral stimulator. It´s has a nozzle which layes quite flush to the device. Deluxe is  designed to fit snug against the vulva and provide a close and ”intimate” feel.


The deluxe is made from white and rose goldish ABS plastic and silicone. There is one button on the top, where you control everything (on/off and speed) from. You press the button for 2sec for it to turn on/off, and short presses for scrolling through the 11 intensities, in a ”pyramid” structure (press 11 times to get to the highest intensity, and then again 11 times to get all the way down to the lowest intensity.) It is waterproof and is charged with a magnetic usb caple.


The air pulse technology is very fascinating. It is not suction! There is a small moving piece inside (at the bottom of) the nozzle. When the device is turned on, the small part moves back and forth, so it pushes air inside the nozzle against the clitoris in pulses. The pulsing air feels like light vibrations, tiny bubbles or gentle nibbles.


In use

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is the most gentle/least powerful/the weakest of the air pulse products I have used thus far (Womanizer W500, Womanizer W40, Satisfyer Pro 2). The stimulation is gentle and delicate. The pulses it provided where neither buzzy nor rumbly, all of the settings where somewhere in the between. The sensation on the lower settings where on the rumblier side and the higher settings got buzzier and more superficial.

My clitoris hardly detect the lightest settings, they where so gentle. I started having sensation at setting 2/3. But even the highest settings are gentle compared to the average air pulse device, so totally depends on what you are looking for it can be a positive attribute or not. Depending on how sensitive I am, I can reach orgasm pretty easy or it might take a while. The long buildup can be very leisurely, and build up on arousal. The gentle hum engorges my clitoris, and sensitises it to a receptive to ”easy orgasm state.” So if I want to warm up slowly, or if my clitoris is very sensitive, the Deluxe is ok. For  those who found the Satisfyer pro 2 to be too powerful, could be very happy about the less intense stimulation that the Deluxe offers.

Summed up… Depending totally on the day I will think ”This too weak! Give me my tango!” or ”This is nice and gentle, just what I want”

With insertables

I am one of those people who CAN and DO use dildos and other insertables along my Satisfyers and Womanizers. Especially when I´m on my back (missionary), I just place the deluxe to a preferred location over my clitoris with water based lube. I just keep it still with one hand resting on it. My other hand is perfectly free to use an insertable or roam all around and in and next to other erogenous zones.  Doggystyle and positions where I need to move a lot are less convenient, gravity or movement are  constantly disturbing my hand and there is much more loss of contact moments between the nozzle and my clitoris. So I like to stay still.



I don´t like the pyramid type intensity scroll, it can be very frustrating! If I am at the highest setting and am hoping for a little more power, just a tiny bit more to reach orgasm. I´ll instinctively press the button once more and then… It starts scrolling back down the settings, getting lighter and lighter… Orgasm cancelled… I have to scroll through all the 22 settings, to get to the one I was in the first place… ugh.


The Deluxe fits in the palm of hand nicely, and pushing the button during use is convinient. The low profile nozzle, ”close fit” thing was a success for me and my body, I did really like it. Sometimes, with longer (esp. higher) nozzles that they can have a tendency to dig into my vulva uncomfortably. Even with lube and all, if I use them for an extended period of time or I get excited and add too much  pressure, or if I bump the device toward my vulva (changing positions, dildo bumping agaist it…)  it can  feel uncomfortable and even chafe a little bit. But with the nearly nozzeless nozzle, I could move and add preassure with less worry. (I use the word ”worry” very lightly in this context, I have never actually feared for my vulva with any clitoral simulator!). I do notice, when I want more sensation or power I instinctively press any type of clitoral stimulator (vibrator, air pulsator, fingers….) firmer against my vulva. But I have learned with these airpuls stimulators, that the deeper my clitoris is in the nozzle, the less room the air pulses have to have an impact so the sensation gets dampened.

Wash up is simple. Water based lube and bodily fluids, both get all over the Deluxe but are also easy to wash off with warm water and a bit of soap. Air dry well and it should be good.

All in all:

It is gentle, and on some days too gentle to have an orgasmic adventure. It is a light warmup toy that builds arousal softly, and doesn´t steal your orgasms. I like the very ”close and intimate”-against the body feel with the shallow nozzle. The colours, shape and materials (ABS- plastic and silicone) are classy and bodysafe.

I am very happy that Satisfyer really heard the people. The Satisfyer Pro 2 was too powerful for many, so when we asked for something with less power, they provided..


+ Great Warm up and gentle stimulation.

+ The short nozzle, which provided the close to vulva design was very nice.

+100% Bodysafe

+Easy to charge with magnetic cable.



-Stimulation is too light for me if I want quick orgasms.

-Pyramid style power scrolling (need to scroll through 22 settings if go one too far…)

-Deluxe is on the chunkier side, so it can feel a little clumsy for some people.


~ This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel. Thank you! ~


Where to buy:
Betty´s Toy Box


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