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Vixen Creations – VixSkin – Buck

I officially have a VixSkin obesession addiction. There is not enough words to describe my love for my VixSkin dildos, and Buck is one of my favourites. I bought it, because I heard other bloggers like Penny and Epiphora  rave about it´s pleasure potential, and wow oh wow… I love the Buck!

I bought the The Vixen Creati0ns VixSkin Buck in the vanilla colour (it comes in vanilla, caramel and chocolate).VixSkin Buck is a 100% silicone, dual density dildo. Dual density meaning, it has a firm and flexible inner core, with a very squishy and soft outer layer. And out of all the dual density dildos I have heard of and tried, the VixSkin ones are the squishiest. The VixSkin has a tacky feel to it, but it is easily resolved by adding some waterbased lube to it (I use Sliquid). It does collect lint and hairs on the surface, so a quick water rince before use is recommended.


The Buck is magnificent. I think I would almost name it to be my single favourite vaginal dildo. It is so gooood *swoon*.

It has a super squishy and pronounced head, with an amazing g-spotting coronal ridge (2″ at the widest). From the head it continues down to a girthy (1,65-1,8″ diameter) sligtly curved shaft, with veins adding slight texture. It get´s thicker again down the shaft (up to 2″) towards the hunky flared base. Ah, this is so perfect! The flared base is very sturdy, it supports the Buck very well, but it doesn´t have a suction cup (sligtly sad about this). The base does make the Buck anal safe and o-ring harness compatible, so a woohoo for that.

  • O-  Circumference 
  • Ø – Diameter


In use

Seriously, I am sligtly unarticulate of how amazing the Buck actually feels in use. It is that good. The combination of the girth, the squish, the bendiness, the slight texture and the ideal g-spotting coronal ridge/head combo makes this one of my favorite ”special day” dildos! I say ”special day” dildo, because even though it is orgasmically optimal and vaginally ergonomic for my body, I do need some warmup before fully embrasing the Buck. I mean, it is a girthy dildo, so wihtout warmup it can feel somewhat intrusive.

So warm up done, the Buck and me are both well lubed up, and I have some great clitoral stimulation going on. The Buck is a fenominal multi tecnique dildo. I enjoy it in many ways; left in my vagina to squeeze with my kegels, thrusted slow/furiously fast/deep/shallow/ and anything in between. I like to play with it orally and I love love love fondling it with my hands.

If inserted (vaginally) and left in, it is beautiful to squeeze and clench on to. It has a great balance of squish and resistance, It will enhance a clitoral orgasm significantly.

But my absolute favorite way to use the Buck is to thrust! Full depth and fast thrusts are pure orgasmic heaven for my whole vagina. My g-spot is stimulated at all times. Either just sheerly from the girth pressing against the g-spot or  when the amazing swoon-worthy coronal ridge passes my g-spot. Just, seriously perfection, every part of it. The coronal ridge is prominant, so it really rubs the anterior (or posterior, depending on which way you are using the buck)wall of my vagina. But the prominant coronal ridge is also squishy, so it has the perfect amount of suppleness so it doesn´t pop or snag against my pubic bone or any other part of my vulva. It just flows and rubs in all the right way.

The dual density solid but flexible inner core is such a winner! It doesn´t flop at all, not in use nor standing by itself. But especially in use, softer dildos can occasionally bend out of the vagina during thrusting and orgasms. Getting closer to an orgasm, my body sometimes starts pushing against a insertable (Just cause it feels good or in hopes of possibly squirting). And when I push forcefully with my vaginal muscles, and being all lubey, a dildo can just slip out. It is annoying, because at that point usually an intense orgasm is just a couple thrusts away… (But oh well, what can you do. Just laugh it off and continue.) But Buck doesn´t do this, it is due to it being thick and shorter (2″ x 6″), so it is sturdier.

The flared base is pretty hunky and stiff. I can hold it ok, but sometimes it does feel large in my petite hands. That is also one reason suction cup bases are great, they can be sqeezed and they collapse in my hand, and mold perfectly to hold. But honestly, this is not a big problem.

My hands and mouth also enjoy the Buck. Simple, it is squishy, it is soft and it looks like a penis. I like it! BJ practicing is fine, but it is too big to go down my throat comfortably, So I just focust on the squishy soft head. Like if I´m using something else vaginally, the Buck can be a fun mouth gag. But do not bite the Buck! The silicone is soft so it can get teeth marks. Just suck and play gently.

Anal // I have not used the Buck anally yet. I will update this portion of the review if/when it happens.

All in all:

Oh my goodness. Do I even have enough words to explain my love toward the buck. It is everything my vagina apreciates. It is VixSkin, it is girthy, it has an amazing g-spotting head, it has a curve… Even though it is 2″, it doesn´t feel that big. VixSkin dildos have a tendency to mold to my body, so  can accomodate bigger sizes with comfort and ease. A 2″ diameter glass toy would feel enormous and unforgiving, but the VixSkin feels heavenly.


+ 100% bodysafe an sterilizable

+ The Heavenly squishy, dual density material

+ Coronal ridge that is perfect for my G-spot

+ Girthy but very comfortable


-Flared base is hunky and can be big to grip

-Could be just a slight longer. 6″ is enough, but just a bit more could be great


You can buy a Buck yourself from:
Betty´s Toy Box 






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