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Liberator Axis Magic Wand Mount


I was heels over head thrilled to have the opportunity to review the Liberator Axis Magic Wand Mount! I had been researching Liberator sex furniture and had been weighing my options and thoughts on which one I wanted to purchase, but then the amazing Cara Sutra offered me one to review for the Pleasure Panel. I was so greatful fot the opportunity!



The Liberator Axis Magic Wand Mount is a wedge shaped sex positioning aid/sex furniture with an added place to put your sex toy in. It is marketed to use with wand vibrators, but I have used it successfully with flared based dildos as well.
I received my Axis in discreet cardboard box with a Liberator pamphlet giving me an overview of the brand, product and some ideas of ways to use the AXIS.
My AXIS is in the black colour (it also comes in some other colours) . The AXIS has it´s toy placement slot in the middle of the higher end. The toy holder is essentially two foam pieces snug next to each other to form a tight fit place for the handle of the magic wand/vibrator/dildo. Over it, it has an washable and soft microfiber cover, with an o-ring type opening (Flared base dildos!)  There is also a small “screen” so you can control the wand without taking it out, and also a cord opening at the smaller end of the wedge so you can thred the cord through the wedge if you´de like..


In use:

I love it, and I love it the more I use it. With or without a toy, it is something I didn´t know I wanted until I tried it! The foam is firm but comfortable, so it actually supports me.. And now, I would never give my Liberators away, they really  enhance and align my anatomy in ways that feel orgasmically optimal.


As a position aid

Missionary – Probably the most known way to use wedge position aids is to place the wedge under the persons butt, so that their hips and are lifted. The lifting of the hips create a more open access to the vulva and penetration way deeper and more stimulating to the anterior walls of the vagina, like g-spot and a-spot. Dildos stimulated my anterior spots with less angling of my hand/wrist. So a big yes to hip lifting!

Also a fun variation is to scoot my butt to the high edge of the axis and the tip my legs  over my body, either next to my head or  in the air above me. The axis supports my body in this position very well.

Face down – ass up – Laying on the axis,  the higher end of AXIS under my hips, and my upper body laying down the slant. Amazing support for when I want to masturbate ”doggy(ish)”, it helps my hands stay near my vulva (which often is a problem, it´s difficult to keep hands and toys near vulva when gravity is weighing in then away from my vulva)…

With toys in the toys slot

I have used the AXIS with my Doxy Die Cast and multiple different flared base dildos (Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang, Bandit, Buck…). It has worked with anything I´ve tried so far.

Wand or dildo  (or anything you want to use) in slot – imagination and trial are the key to success and a good time.

  • Me on top like in the ”Face down – ass up” position. The wand between my legs on my vulva vibrating. One of my hand is free and supported to thrust a dildo vaginally if wanted.
  •  Holding the AXIS to thrust with (in missionary). Me on my back on the bed, holding the axis+dildo combo from the thinner end, with the toy end  between my legs toward my vulva. I got a great angle and speed to thrust. I also did different missionary-variable positions, legs straight up/ legs crossed etc. Provided a fun and different way to thrust than just the everyday holding the dildo with a hand.
  • Doggy(ish): A flared base dildo in the ”slot”. I am on all fours facing away from the axis+dildo (My butt towards it). I half sit and half doggy the axis+dildo and move my body back and forth. one hand on the bed supporting me while other hand free to provide clit stim (Tango, Touch or Rave).
  • Reverse Cowgirl(ish): A flared base dildo in the ”slot”. I squat on the dildo, with the axis mostly behind me. Bounce, squat, grind… Thighs get a super workout and balance improves… one hand possibly on the bed or thigh supporting me and other hand providing clit stim (Tango, Touch or Rave).

I honestly just do crazy things..Trying and innovating with my axis seriosuly makes me giggle. It inspires me to really explore and try fun, weird looking things. It´s hilarious!


Other things I noticed:

-The Liberator Axis Magic Wand Mount is a great piece in my collection! I enjoy using it especially during long masturbation sessions, because shifting my position and having support in different places helps me not get as many cramps around my body (legs, hips, back). Moving around and changing the way I tense my muscles gives me a longer time to marathon-masturbate.
-Cleaning is easy. Just zip off the microfibre case. Through in the washing machine with other dark laundry. Put in a gentle washing setting with not too much detergents… I air dried the case, and it was dry in a couple of hours.
– Discreet storage is a little difficult. There is no storage bag and it doesn´t go into a smaller shape, so it kind of just is what it is. I just have a special place in my house, reserved for my Liberator furniture!



  • Helps with positioning and long sessions.
  • Positions body in orgasmically optimal ways.
  • Make me more adventourous and inspired to have fun.
  • Provides a new twist to traditional posiitions.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Firm so it keeps it´s shape and actually supports, but soft so it´s comfortable to lay on.


  • Price – expensive (but still so worth the investment)
  • Storage – just have to find a place for it to keep (choose a colour that will fit your decor)
 Water resistance

The Axis, will first resist water, but if the water is there for a moment (5-10sec) it will soak in. It´s fine, there is a moisture resistant middle layer and the top layer dries fast.


~ This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Thank you! ~

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