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Sex Toy Wishlist

Here is my wishlist of toys! It is ever growing, the more sextoys I own, the more I want… How does that happen? I don´t know, but sextoys are awsome!!

(When I get a product, I will overline it)



Bad Dragon – Anthrodragon

Bad Dragon – Echo the Snowrider

Bad Dragon – Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon

Bad Dragon – Nova the Breeder

Bad Dragon – Nox The Night Drake

Blowjob dildo  (turquoise)

Chackrubs – Amethyst

Fucking Sculptures – Double trouble

Fucking Sculptures – G-spoon

Fun Factory – Bouncer

Fun Factory – Big Boss

Fun Factory – Share 

Funkit Toys – Swing V2

Funkit Toys – Swell

Funkit Toys – Blade

Fuze – dildossss

Godemiche – Ambit

Hole Punch Toys – Chewie

Hole Punch Toys – Fluke

Hole Punch Toys – Mother Interior

Jopen Key – Comet

Kudu Voodoo – Laughing Dragon

New York Toy Collective – Shilo

New York Toy Collective – Carter

Njoy – eleven

Nobessence – Seduction

Self Delve – Air (Royal)

Self Delve – Garden of Eden

Self Delve – Filou Neon Pink

Self Delve – All Good Things Come in Threes


O2 line

Tantus – Curve

Tantus – G-Force

Tantus – Feeldoe double dildo

Vixen Creations

Vixen Creations – VixSkin Maverick

Vixen Creations – VixSkin Johnny

Vixen Creations –  VixSkin Randy

Vixen Creation – VixSkin  Mustang Royale

Vixen Creations – VixSkin Mustang Aire

Vixen Creations – VixSkin Lonestar


Crave – Vesper

Crave – Wink+

Doxy – Don by Doxy

Doxy – Original wand

Doxy – the baby doxy die cast

Fun Factory – Moody

Fun Factory – Big Boss G5

Fun Factory – Stronic Drei

Fun Factory – Stronei Zwei

Hum – Vibrator

Lelo – Mona 2

Lelo – Lily 2

Magic Wand Rechargable

We-Vibe – Wish

We-Vibe – Touch

Clit toys

Womanizer – +size

Satisfyer – Pro Penguin

Satisfyer 1

Satisfyer 2

Butt stuff

Fun Factory – Bootie

Hole Punch Toys – Ass Cram Cone

Njoy – Pure Plug large

Njoy – Pure Plug 2.0


Tantus – Pelt

Funkit Toys – Oracle

Funkit Toys – Swat

Twisted Monk – Rope


Liberator – Fascinator Throe

Spare Parts – Joque harness

Funkit Toys – Pommel

Funkit Toys – All the textured stimulators/plugs



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