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Doc Johnson – Truskyn Tru ride 7″


Doc Johnson has come out with a Bodysafe 100% silicone, dual density line of dildos and butt plugs (YES, Dual Density butt plugs!). This is an excellent thing, the products are affordable and actually pretty awesome!  We need more AFFORDABLE, bodysafe, soft and
squishy dildos on the market! Good job Doc Johnson, keep up the bodysafe, truskyn_tru_ride_7_inch_realistic_slim_silicone_dildo_vanilla_2affordable sex toys! The TruSkyn line has multiple different styles and sizes in their dual density line of dildos and butt plugs. Realistic, non-realistic, skin colored and colorful… What ever floats your boat.  Oh, and did I already say that the line is very much affordable.




I received the Platinum TRUSKYN – The Tru Ride Slim 7″ in the vanilla color. The dildo in general has a very tapered shape and is a good medium size. The head is tapered and the smallest part of the dildo. The dildo becomes increasingly girthier down the shaft. At the bottom, there is a bulge, and a flared base. The dildo is o-ring harness compatible and anal safe. The dildo is surprisingly squishy, I would say it is between Tantus O2 and VixSkin. It isn´t as squishy and divine as VixSkin, but not as firm as Tantus O2 either. The shaft has a lot of vein details, that are felt internally as texture. The silicone is smooth and just a bit tacky, it does collect lint but not horribly much.

In Use:

In general the tru Ride Slim -dildo is a versatile, basic, tapered dildo. It is comfortable and usable in any orifice and for many different activities; vaginal, anal, strap-on play, oral…

Only use water based lube with Silicone dildos in general, but especially Dual Density silicone! The quality of a silicone toy can be compromised if used with silicone based lubes…


The Tru Ride Slim is a comfortable dildo. It doesn´t do anything crazy, but it feels nice all over my vagina. Because of the tapered shape, there is actually an interesting feeling when thrusted. The deeper the dildo goes, the more full my vagina feels, but when pulled out my vagina empties with the tapered shape gradually. So when thrusted there is a constant gradual filling, and gradual emptying sensation which is fairly interesting. It helps my vagina stretch and relax. If my vagina or cervix is feeling sensitive or sore for any reason (hormonal, hard session the day before…)  it is an easy and comfortable dildo to use or warm up with.

The veins on the shaft can be felt, and they feel like a light undulating sensation in my vaginal canal.

The small, soft tip is great for deep vaginal stimulation. Great for the cervix and A-spot. Just pressing and holding it still can feel like a deep pressure, and it can be a new sensation. Uncomfortable at first, but closer to orgasm it can start feeling like a deep pleasure.

The bulb at the bottom is pretty low down the shaft, so I doesn´t reach my vagina at all. But it works as a nice handle.

Also I can practice my PC muscles by shooting the dildo out of my vagina. This is just something weird, funny and hilarious I do. The shape was very aerodynamic for shooting the dildo far… Masturbation and sex is fun!


The Tru Ride Slim is a good deepthroat practice dildo. Again the taper and the softness and the slim tip are things that make deepthroating easier. Just basic Bj stuff is fine, but not too exciting.


Have not tested yet, but will update when I have.


I don´t really understand the bulb at the base of the shaft. Is it supposed to stimulate something? It is too low on the shaft to stimulate the average depth vagina, and anally, I don´t see it to be anal safe to insert the bulb in your butt, because the flared base is not that much bigger than the bulb…

And I think the flared base could be bigger, exactly for the reason i just talked about. I think it would be more anal safe, it it where bigger than the bulb.

Clean up:

Easy! Warm water and soap. Or boil the dildo in water. Or put it in the dishwasher… Very easy. because silicone is non porous and can stand high temperatures. Keep your dildos clean.

All in All:

I love that the market is coming out with more BODYSAFE, dual density, squishy/soft dildos. And for more affordable prices! It is a evolution we need in the bodysafe sex toy world, so a larger group of people can make safe sexuality decisions. The Tru Ride Slim 7″ is a nice, basic dildo. No bells or whistles just a nice tapered dildo. I did like the gradual filling/emptying sensations and the undulating vein texture.


+ Bodysafe

+ Affordable

+ Dual Density, Squishy and soft outer layer

+ Interesting tapered shape, gradual filling/emptying sensations

+ Undulating veiny texture


– Don´t understand the bulb at the bottom

– The flared base could be bigger

-There could be more interest to the shape of the dildo.


~ This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by Betty´s Toy Box. Thank you! ~

Where to get the Doc Johnson – Platinum TruSkyn Tru Ride Slim 7″ Vanilla:
Betty´s Toy Box



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