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We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe is awsome! I love their deep, rubly, strong and quiet vibrators. They have really succeeded with their vibes. The Rave is also totally worth raving about. It is amazing for both excternal and internal stimulation! It was a collaboration between Laid dildos and We-Vibes vibrators and in my opinnion they succeeded! They created an amazing vibrator with a very intiguing shape.

First impression

The Rave comes on a classy, sturdy We-vibe box. It comes with a charging cable, satin pouch, manual and the Rave itself. The Rave is a dark purple curved vibrator with an asymmetrical shape. The Rave is hard with a velvety smooth silicone excterior.. It has 3 buttons, on/pattern change, and +intensity and -intensity. There is a charging hole in the middle of the vibe, which makes the Rave not waterproof, but it is splash proof.

The Rave is NOT anal safe, there is no flared base!

In use:

The Rave isn´t the girthiest toy out there, pretty averedge. But the shape, rumbly vibrations, slight drag of the silicone and hardness makes it feel very stimulating.  The vibrations are quiet, but powerful (could be heard under a duvet, but not through closed doors ). I would say, that it has a very similar motor to the Tango, but is less pinpointed.

Vibration setting/intensity

There are multiple different vibration patters, and multiple different intensity settings, so you can customize your ecperience how ever you´de like.

favourite pattern/intensity for excternal stimulation is the continuous vibration, from low to high. All the intenisities are amazing, depending on what I am after. When I am on a mission to cum fast, I will ramp up the intensity and when I am on the verge of orgasm I usually go down the intensity settings so I can focus on the orgasmic contractions and the pleasure.


Yes! I am a fan of the Tango, and I feel like the Rave has a very similar if not the same motor, as the Tango. But because the Rave is bigger and has a silicone outerlayer, the vibrations are not quite as strong, but still amazingly strong!

The Raves shape is very versatile for clitoral stimulation. There are multiple different surfaces from flat and ”broad” to a narrow ridge, so I can enjoy variable stimulation types from vulva stimulation to a pinpointed clitoral stimulation.  Also the Rave is long and curved, so it is very easy to hold in place during multiple positions and during movement.

I often grap the Rave if I want clitoral stimulation, when I am doing something with alot of movement. It is so easy to hold on to and place on the clitoris and keep in contact with my clit. Obviously it will move, but the flat side of the Rave is big and the vibrations are strong enough that even when not excactly on a specific point, it will stimulate my vulva, clitoris and inner clitoris deep enough that I will orgasm.

The different edges of the Rave will also fit in different places of the vulva. Some feel good on the clitoris, some above, some between labia and the clitoris.. Just wherever. I have a couple of favourites. I love the flad edge stimulating my clitoral head and inner clitoris through my labia. My labia simultaniously dampen the vibrations and also get stimulated, so it feels amaze!


The vibrations are stong and deep enough also to be enjoyed through pj pants. Orgasms for the moments, I am super lazy 😀

Vaginally/Internally (paired with a clitoral stimulator)

As I mentioned, the Rave doesn´t have a flared base, so it isn´t anal safe. So I only use it vaginally,

The unsymmetrical, curved laid dildo shape is very interesting and feels very different from the varied angles. The hardness of the material and rumbles of the vibration make the Rave more stimulating than I imagined. Some warmup and waterbased lube (sliquid) are both valuable ideas!

Inserted straight in the Rave curving up towards my G-spot Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

is the most generic and most gentle way to use the Rave, feels like a great g-spot vibe. The preassure area is the broadest this way, and the vibrations rumble through out my g-spot. It is very nice to thrust and rub the G-spot with, and because there is no vertical bulbous tip used this way, there is no popping sensation. The horizontal bulbousness can be felt in the  lateral vaginal walls and the vaginal opening. The tip is relatively easy to angle towarnd my g-spot because of the curved shape.

The rave is easy ro hold, but it can slant sligthy to the right, because the slight roundness is unsymmetrical, so it pushes the Rave.


Inserted in and turned 45º so the flat part is on my g-spot.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

(If I am on my back, using the Rave inserted into my own vagina, and looking down. I turn the handle to my left at 10 o´clock.). Is fine, nothing too interesting. The bulbous parts might rub some parts of my vagina (side of my g-spot, lateral vaginal wall…) I usually don´t use the Rave this way.


Inserted and turned 90° so the high ”side ridge” of the Rave is on my G-spot and the handle of the Rave is horizontal to the left.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

This is the most intense, and if not properly warmed up can be uncomfortable. There is a high, bulbous and narrow ridge, so the stimulation it provides is very pinpointed. When highly aroused, the intensity is amazing and totally can lead to squirting. I usually turn it to it´s side like this when I am higly arroused and near orgasm.

Holding the Rave is fine, but again slighttly more difficult this way. I generally hold insertables with my right hand, so turning the handle horizontally to the left, is a slight reach.


Inserted in and turned 45º so the higher ridge of the Rave is on my g-spot.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

(If I am on my back, using the Rave inserted into my own vagina, and looking down. I turn the handle to my right at 2 o´clock.). The higher ridge is feels more intense on my G-spot., there is some round vertical bulbousness. Short thrusts, so the bump rubs my G-spot with rumbly vibes feel the best.

Holding the Rave is fine. I generally hold insertables with my right hand, so turning the handle to my right feel tots fine.


Inserted and turned 90° so the more flat side is on my g-spot and the handle of the Rave is horizontal to the right.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

I don´t use the Rave this way often. It is generic. I maybe feel some stimulation on my lateral vaginal WALLS from the bulbous bumb, but mostly not really. Also the curve shape angles the rave to my lateral vaginal wall and I am not a fan… Uncomfortable.



There is one thing I do find irritating, the buttons… The intensity buttons are silicone covered, so they don´t always react when I press them. This can be awfully annoying when I am need more/less power and have to fiddle around with the buttons. Ugh..


Clean up:

Clean up is easy, I cover the charging hole with my finger so water doesn´t get in it, but and wash it with warm water and soap. Then let it air dry.

Do not boil your Rave! Silicone is a boilable material, yes. But Vibrators have electronics in them, do not boil!

All in All:

One of the best multi use vibrators, I love it both internally and externally! The vibrations are impeccable and orgasmic for my body. The vibrations really penetrate and stimulate my whole vulva and different erogenous tissues and spots.

There are so many angles and settings and intensities, that the Rave truly is pretty versatile. One toy can produce many different types of sensation and orgasms. From slow and soft, to intense squirting.


+ Bodysafe (100% medical grade silicone)

+ Strong, rumbly vibrations

+ Very versatile (different angles, vibration patterns and intensities)

+ Battery life is fairly good


– Not waterproof, only splashproof

-Buttons can be fiddly

-Colour is pretty generic


Where to buy:
Betty´s Toy Box





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