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Tantus – Uncut #1

The Tantus Uncut #1 is a realistic, dual density dildo, with foreskin/uncircumcised looking details (The foreskin is only decor, it does not move) I love the Uncut. The fact that Tantus made a bodysafe dildo with foreskin, is progress in the sex toy industry, we need more representation and diversity. Also the Uncut feels good in multiple different orfices!

The Uncut is a beautiful, uncircumcised, flared base, dual density dildo (Dual Density = firm and flexible silicone core with squishier and softer outer silicone layer for a more realistic sensation and feel.). The silicone on it isn´t as squishy as Vixen Creations VixSkin, but it still has a good amount of give to it. I would say it is somewhere in between firm silicone and VixSkin.  The silicone has a grainy, draggy texture with realistic vein details. It has a lot of friction and grab during use, which is amazing or uncomfortable, depending on the situation.

I have the Uncut #1 in the color Cocoa (comes in Cream, Cocoa and Mocha).  Tantus also has the Uncut #2, which is a very similar style as Uncut #1 but smaller.

The Uncut has a pronounced, bulbous head, with the foreskin texture details. From the head at 1,8″ diameter it narrows to the long shaft at 1,55″ which has some vein detailing. At the bottom of the dildo, there is a small flared base, which makes the Uncut anal safe and harness compatible.

In use:

The Uncut#1 is a versatile dildo. It can be used in all orfices (anal safe), vaginally, anally and orally. It is o-ring harness compatible and awesome!



The Uncut is a highly stimulating dildo! The pronounced, girthy head combined with the draggy texture and slightly curved shaft plays out to provide pretty intense G-spot and general vaginal stimulation! A warmup and lube are necessary for me to have a pleasurable experience with the Uncut.  The girthy 1,8″ head is a perfect stepping stone size between a warmup dildo and something girthy (2″ diameter). Going up only 0,2″ diameter at a time is a good size jump for my body, when streching. More than that can be too fast of an increase, and the bigger the sizes go, the smaller the increase should be.

The Uncut really feels special. The bulbousness creates a popping sensation along my pubic bone and g-spot. The texture gives an extra rubbing sensation on the vaginal walls and the G-spot. It is pretty amazing and intense and orgasmic! The dual density, soft head has give to it, so even it pulls and stimulates my G-spot and vagina and cervix, it isn´t unforgiving or painful even in harder thrusting.

Lube is super important when thrusting, and even with lube the texture can start feeling slightly ”friction burny” after a while, but it is a good pain. After using the Uncut for a longer session I will feel some soreness, but it is only a sexy reminder, not ouwie.

The Uncut can work for me as a vaginal plug style dildo. I insert it deep enough, and the texture and bulbousity will usually hold it in, unless there is hard pushing, then it will slip out. It is yummy to squeeze with my pc muscles and great for times I want something to fill and stretch my vagina. Just on it´s own or for a bigger dildo ahead.

The long shaft is very handy. It is too long to go in my vagina fully, but it is a great handle to hold on to. Also probably if having strapon sex, there is enough space for body parts, like butts and other curves.


I am a bj lover, and love bj play on my dildos. The Uncut is very pleasurable in the mouth, the texture and shape feels very filling and interesting. I also like to use it as a mouth gag, because of the bulbous head and narrowing at the shaft, there is a good Place to hold onto with y mouth.

Deepthroating is not possible for me (yet), it is too big for me.


Have not used anally yet. But tots will, it is anal safe after all! But I have slight hesitation with the texture and friction. So maybe I will use it with a non-lubricated latex condom (add my own water based lube, so the silicone lube on condoms don´t compromise the silicone on the toy).


Easy. As with any 100% bodysafe toy. Water and soap, then let it air dry. The foreskin area can collect some gunk, so be precise there.

All in all:

Intense dildo. I love the fact that Tantus made a dildo with an intact foreskin-look! Love it for g-spotting, plugging and stretching for a bigger toy. The grabbyness of the silicone feels amazingly stimulating in a warmed up, lubed up vagina. My mouth also enjoys the Uncut.


+ Bodysafe, 100% silicone.

+ Representation! Love the foreskin!

+ Dual Density is squishy and fun.

+ Bulbous head, really stimulates my G-spot and vagina.

+ Grabby silicone, adds a lot of sensations during use.

+ Flared base = Harness compatible and Anal safe


-Can use up a lot of lube

-Clean up needs to be precise to get all the residue from the textured surface.

-Friction can be too intense for some


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USA based:


Betty´s Toy Box 

UK based:





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