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February Favourites 2017

This month was a very sex blogging eventful month! I have been in contact with many amazing sex toy companies/shops/bloggers.I have also received and purchased so many new toys, my collection has grown and so has my wishlist.


Cara Sutra made a blogger spotlight about me. I answered some fun questions!<3

So many new toys ❤

Som many fun people ❤


New posts:


New sex toys and female health products:


Betty´s Toy Box 
Pleasure Panel (carasutra.co.uk) 




My masturbation diary…

Umm.. I kind of neglected my diary… I feel very sad. I loved writing it and doing the Excel spreadsheet, but for some reason I just forgot to.. I am disappointed in my self and I WILL do it next month!

Things I loved in February:

A lot of loves again in February! Toys where major, and I love my growing collection!

Masturbation and Self care

I masturbated less than in January… I was even more busy, and didn´t have too much free time on my hands, and I really do feel the consequences of this. I need more me-time in March! I want to test my toys! I want to leisurely masturbate for hours! I want to have more orgasms! (I am saying this while starting a ten day work spurt)

Positions// On my back on my bed was the go to… But I also really got into the 9cd91f75-c571-47c0-8b86-d24bc15ba683Plow position. It was pretty awesome and squirtastic! But, also the first time I was doing the Plow, I was on a tile floor doing crazy acrobatics and had a huge bruise on my upper back for days.. Ooops.

Writing// I really, deeply drive purpose and meaning when I work on my blog. When I am not masturbating or playing with my toys I can write about them. I feel like I can be near my passion at all times, it is a stress reliever and a way I can talk about my love for sexuality to people who actually want to listenen.

Self Love// Music has been huge this month for me. Listening to it helps me to feel emotions that often get pushed away. Post Malone, Young Thug, The Weeknd, and s


Sex Toys things

I need a new sex toy storage solution. I am running out of space and things get easily cluttered. I am proud and happy about my growing collection and I want to keep all of my toys looking nice and organized even when not in use. Suggestions would be awesome!

Fingers// I wanted to remind myself and my body about different ways of fingering. It is awesome. My vulva likes my fingers. the sensation differs a lot depending on many variables. Is there lube? Is there one or three fingers? Am I doing the hook and pull technique (commonly known as the ”come hither”-technique” on my g-spot or am I just going in and out? Fingers are fun, and my fingers feel pleasure from my vulva and vagina.

Kudu Voodoo// New silicone Fantasy toy maker/artist. Ashes makes beyond gorgeous dildos. The pours, the styles, the silicone, the molds..  I am so excited that my very own toy was shipped, and I will be able to see it very soon!


Orgasmic.co.uk// I purchased a ton of toys from Orgasmic.co.uk.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset They had a crazy good clearance and I went slightly bonkers… I am their first International customer, and for that I received an amazing gift from them, a Lelo Smart Wand (large)… Wow, I am beyond grateful!  I bought many Fun Factory toys and I am a very happy girl!


Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion// Thank you so much #teamamazeballs for this sex toy! I love this dual stimulation pulsator! I have heard many reviewers actually not liking it for various reasons.. But I love it, a lot! The best way for me to use it is with my Liberator wedge style positioning aids, in the Plow position (AXIS or wedge+ramp combo). it sound and looks very interesting, but this way it thrusts straight on my g-spot and the clit arm nudges my clit and just perfect… Squirtastic.

Air pulsators// I got a lot of air pulsator- clitoral stimulator this month. I already owned 4 (Womanizer W500, Womanizer Pro40, and 2 x Satisfyer Pro 2). And then I got to review the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe from CaraSutra.co.uk/ Pleasure Panel... And then Satisfyer sent me their whole line of Air pulsation toys to review. I am a very lucky girl!

Now in total I have 10 airpulsation toys:Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

  • Womanizer W500
  • Womanizer W40
  • 3 x Satisfyer Pro 2
  • 2 x Satisfyer Pro Deluxe
  • Satisfyer Pro Penguin
  • Satisfyer 1
  • Satisfyer 2

So Yes, I have also been testing and using them a lot, and I still like them very much. Also the more I use them the more I notice minor differences between them.

VixSkin// I have been obsessed with my Vixen Creations VixSkin dildos this month. I don´t know why my craving for VixSkin has amplified so much, but it has. I can´t get enough of them! I want every single VixSkin dildo in my collection.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset





The Brunette Reviews // She is a sassy, honest, sex toy reviewer from the UK. She has her own blog and has started to make video reviews on her Youtube chanel. I love talking with her about sex toys, but also many other things. She is awsome and beautiful inside and out!

Cara Sutra// She is such a loving, caring, sweet and amazing person. I love working with her. She even made a ”blogger spotlight” post about me, I feel so honored. Thank you for working with me.

Penny for your (dirty) thoughts// I have been a fan of Penny´s beautiful photography for a long time, and now she also has a lifestyle/vegan blog ”Penny´s Portal” that I love to read


SexNerdSandra// Yes, I love SexNerdSandra. I love listening to the sciency, nerdy conversations with amazing people!

Some of my fave I listened to this month:


Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane//  Episode 9: Live from the Femme Sex Party! I loved this episode so much! Amory Jane made talking about and recording their ”femme fisting sex party”. There where 12 femmes, they talked and had awesome hot babely sexy time! Even Epiphora was there…

The Dildorks// I love this months episodes! Especially Funnyboners, I was laughing my booty off. They where having a hilarious, weed infused convo about all about Domedians, humor and sex!

And Domedians reminded me about a episode on Sex Gets Real, where Sunny Megatron was talking about Clown sex, humor and BDSM things…

Sex Gets Real : Episode 94 – Clow Sex, porn and shame

Erika Lust

Erika Lust is a Swedish film director, screenwriter and producer. Her erotic films are feminist and just beyond stunning and her award list proves this as a fact. The stories, the cinematography, the ethics… Just everything!

I just want to watch all her films, as beautiful art.



♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Little things ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

♥ I love having finger-sex-friendly, femme-esque, red nails ♥

…and I love it when my nails match my stuff…

♥ Changing pubic hair styles, form bare to bush and from bush to bare ♥ Dildo soup ♥ Fast sextoy shipping ♥ Feminist men ♥ Twitter friends, you know who you are  ♥ Kudu Voodoo ♥ Orgasmic.co.uk, their clearance sale and their customer service ♥ Fantacy dildos, they are so interesting and pretty ♥ Dildos that are actually art (I am referring to Kudu Voodoo) ♥ Quickies ♥ Liberator ♥ Good customer service ♥ Plow position + Bi Stronic Fusion = squirtastic ♥ Pulsators ♥ Running and gymming ♥ Strap on, hipthurst practicing ♥ Deep conversations ♥ Platonic sex talk ♥ Sex geekery ♥ Enthusiasm ♥ Articulating your thoughts ♥ Analysing your feelings ♥ Writing ♥ Photography ♥ Sexpositive tattoos, I really want one! ♥


♦ = Not good people ♦



Have a great March ❤ It is spring afterall ❤


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