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Hole Punch Toys – Chewie


Hole Punch Toys  –  Chewie 

Maker of small batch, local, seasonal, cruelty free, organic, artisanal sex toys for the discerning pervert.

This description of the Chewie is exactly how I feel, I couldn´t have said it any better. Except the wookie part, I don´t like wookie…

”Ever see a dick so remarkable, so utterly captivating that it haunts your every waking thought like a fleshy, veinous specter while simultaneously pondering the hypothetical attributes of wookie genitalia to the point it necessitates an exorcism by sculpture, Dreyfus like,  in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Well, I have. And did.”

-Hole Punch Toys

It was love at first sight. I fell in love with the Chewie the moment I layed my eyes on it. It is a cartoonish, hunky, glorious dildo with FORESKIN! I am thrilled that HPT created a dildo with their signature bodysafe and humoristic approach that also has foreskin. Hiphip hooray for representation and hiphip hooray for foreskin!

I got the Chewie in the Gramma´s Gold color, a muted swirly gold, with gold fine glitter. (also comes in dark grayish blue ”Blue Steel” and a dark grey ”Graphite”). The Chewie is a very voluptuous dildo, it has a lot of soft bulbous shapes and curves that make the dildo look quite cartoonish and captivating, all in a seductively marvelous way.

The Chewie is a delighting sculpture to look at! It has a bulbous head, with a couple of juicy foreskin waves. The shaft is slightly curved up, but the most prominent feature is it´s bulbous mid shaft! It is so so so yummy and delicious! The voluptuous shaft is unsymmetrical and has a couple of veins adding texture. The shaft then tapers to a narrow base, where the shaft connects a pair of balls. The balls act as a flared base and suction cup. Woop woop, the Chewie is anal safe and o-ring harness compatible AND has a suction cup, so it can be suctioned to flat, smooth surfaces. And as you can see from multiple photos, it does actually stick and stay!

The silicone on the Chewie is firm, but not hard. I would describe it to be medium soft/firm silicone, just like Hole Punch Toys describes on their site. The surface is semi matte and smooth, doesn´t collect lint really much.

In Use:

Heavenly. The Chewie is simply divine.

Shallow thrusts// The bulbous and wavy head is filling, but not BIG. It is just a perfect ”tip size”, the foreskin lumps massage and undulate against my G-spot in very delicious ways. There is no popping sensation for me, at least when I am warmed up. But even in general, there isn´t any severe angles or shapes that would catch/pop against my pubic bone. The head just is divine.

But the Chewie is in it´s full glory when thrusted deeper! The moment when the bulbous shaft starts gradually stretching and filling me up is a euphoric sensation! The girthy (up to 1,9″ diameter) unsymmetrical, bulb shaft gently nudges my favorite erogenous tissues and very pleasurable ways. The girth and gentle vein details massage  my vaginal walls and my g-spot and vaginal opening.

But my favorite thing is when thrusted the dildo does the very thrilling ”full to empty” sensation thingy. Dildos that have obvious but tapered girth differences have a very interesting way of feeling when thrusted, it is very different sensation to a consistently girthed dildo. The gradual filling sensations is very unique, it is a very bouncy and gentle, but also intense feeling. The vagina is a muscular tube, so it will accommodate to the size it has in it. So when something increases and decreases in size, the vagina follows, thus there just is more sensation happening. The bounciness comes when the vagina is either pushing the toy out or sucking it in, and you can play along with that.

Even further along the shaft the Chewie narrows down. The narrowing again is a new feeling, locking the fullness inside me. When the Chewie is all the way deep inside me, I can gently nudge it so the tip stimulates my cervix gently. Along that the middle bulb nudges against my g-spot and provides  general fullness…

The Chewie is a great length, that my body can feel the spectrum of sensations it provides! The deliciously wavy head, the voluptuously girthy shaft bulb and the narrowing or the shaft. The Chewie is pretty good to grip to. The balls are easy to hold, but even better is to grip the narrow base of the shaft and the balls.. I don´t know, my hands just grabs a good place and it´s good!

There was one thing that was a slightly awkward. As I mentioned the shaft is unsymmetrical, and it has some ridges/veins along the shaft. There is one ridge that can rub me wrong if I am not fully ready for the glory of the girth.

Orally the Chewie is a pleasure. It is firm, so it isn´t my favorite type of oral toy, but still. The shapes and curves feel nice!

Anally, I am yet to try the Chewie! But when I have, I will update.

All in All:

”Ever see a dick so remarkable, so utterly captivating that it haunts your every waking thought”

It earned the title of one of my favorite dildos. It is so GORGEOUS! I love the color, I love the foreskin, I love the bulbous shaft and the cartoonish shapes and voluptuous curves. The Chewie looks amazing and feels even better. The sensations are so rich and fulfilling, orgasmically and girth wise. Just YES, everything is lovable. I am a fangirl…


+Hole Punch Toys, their morals, ethics, products, views on sexuality…

+Gorgeous, cartoonish voluptuous shapes and details

+Amazing filling and emptying sensation, also feels ”bouncy” and filling… Amaze!

+Girth is perfect for me

+Bulbous shaft provides fullness and g-spot/vaginal opening stimulation

+Foreskin details are both beautiful and pleasurable

+Flared base – Anal safe, o-ring harness compatible and suction cup


-The one ridge that can feel awkward if not warmed up fully.

You can get the Chewie form Hole Punch Toys for 109USD. I would be ready to pay even more, it is such a unique beauty!


~~The Hole Punch Toys – Chewie was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair,honest and unbiased review by Hole Punch Toys, Thank you!~~


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