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We-Vibe Nova


We-Vibe Nova is a new, more anatomically designed version of the traditional rabbit vibe. It has two stimulation points, the internal arm and external arm,

I had a learning curve with the Nova, and have had a hard time being coherent with my review. I mean, the We-Vibe Nova us so different to anything I have written bout before, but this was a fun adventure!

The We-Vibe Nova comes in classy and durable packaging, not discreet though (photo of Nova on front). The Nova comes with the vibe itself, a charging cable, satin storage pouch and a manual.

The Nova is a dual vibe, so it has a internal vibrating arm and an external vibrator. The Nova has been designed to resolve often seen dual vibe problems… What are often seen dual vibe problems, you ask.

  • A dual stimulator doesn´t fit everyone´s anatomy = clit arm too long/shor, internal vibe to small/big, the distance between the clit arm and internal vibe is not good…
  • When a rigid dual vibe is thrusted, the clitoral arm constantly loses contact with the clitoris, many people find this annoying and even impossible to orgasm.
  • Many dual vibes lack in powerful vibrations, thus makes orgasming difficult or impossible.

Well here comes the We-Vibe Nova. The Nova has a clitoral arm design that keeps in contact with the clitoris, buy flexing along the body when thrusted. . And last but certainly not least the Nova has the benefit of We-Vibes amazing, powerful and rumbly vibrating motors.

In Use:

The vibrations are strong and rumbly, but not really that quiet. The bigger vibrator was quiet, but also not ass rumbly and strong as the smaller vibrator. The smaller vibe made a rattling sound every now and then, and really wasn´y too quiet, but still. I have never experienced a dual vibe, with a small ”clitoral stimulator” as strong as on the Nova.

I had a trial and error learning curve with my Nova. Like with all new things in life including sex toys, I have to find a way to work it, find the angles, find the pressure, find the settings… At first, me and the Nova just didn´t understand each other, I mean I could orgasm, but it was not effortless AT ALL. But now, I had multiple orgasm effortlessly.

I got help from some amazing sex bloggers! Kate Sloan wrote a good review that really helped, Little Switch Bitch had some great tips and so did Emmeline Peaches.. The accumulation of these reviews made me think out of the box and find my own way.


What did work for me:

The best way for me was the app + funny way to hold the Nova. I inserted the bigger vibrator in my vagina and held the Nova by the smaller clitoral arm, stretching the arm up and open, and holding the tip of the arm comfortably near my clit. At the same time I angled the internal vibrator towards my g-spot, thus the clitoral arm applied less pressure to my clit, which was optimal for me. I then mainly just held the Nova still and let it do it´s job vibrating my vulva into happiness.

The  best way to control the Nova was the app. I held the the Nova with my right hand and had my phone in the left. I set the Nova on a good pattern and fluctuated the power depending on how  close I was to orgasm. This made up for the lack of thrusting/other manual movement. My favorite patters where constant vibration on both stimulators OR the Surf mode. The surf mode was a pulsation on the internal arm and constant vibe on the clit arm.

So yeah, I manipulated the clit arms power depending on what I wanted. I climbed toward an orgasm with increasing power and when I was at the verge of cumming, I lowered the clit power all the way down to ”give my body space” to orgasm. The again, started to build an orgasm back up again.

The app was necessary, because the way I was holding the Nova, I couldn´t touch the buttons at all + the buttons are really confusing to me! They are too flush and covered with silicone, so they often do the whole thing, where they don´t pick up my pressing and just make me annoyed. So, the app is awesome.

What other ways there are, but they just didn´t work for my body.

Because the clitoral/smaller arm is flexible there are multiple different ways to fool around with the Nova, which makes it very likely to work with your body in some way.


The traditional way// The way the Nova was built. So The bigger vibrating arm internally and the smaller vibrating arm externally against the clitoris and vulva. The Nova can be thrusted and rocked and the flexible neck of the clitoral arm assures that there is no loss of contact between the vibe and the clitoris. So when you push the Nova deeper in, the external arm flexes and adds some extra pressure, and when pulled out the arm again flexes.

Why it didn´t work for me? I don´t like pressure on my clitoris. The sensation of rumbly vibes + pressure is just way too intense for me. But for people who love power and pressure, this could be a winner!

Upside down// This was a brilliant idea by Little Switch Bitch. She suggested me to flip the Nova upside down, so the smaller vibrator is inserted vaginally and the bigger vibrator lays along the clitoris and mons mound. The curled clit arm, really provides intense, pinpoint vibrating stimulation and the bigger arm lays along the vulva. It isn´t really super thrustable, but rocking and holding still is enough.

Why it didn´t work for me, but who could it work for? Too intense. I love intense g-spotting, but this was again too too much. The rumply and strong vibrations and pinpointed almost, digging in shape was too intense. Also the curled in curve and narrow shape got into places I didn´t like at all, like weirdly to the sides of my g-spot or up behind me pubic bone.

External vibrator// Again, the vibrations are strong and rumbly. They are great for just external stimulation. The Clitoral arm especially, just awesome

Why didn´t work for me, but who could it work for? Well, it was kind of in the way. It did work, but because I am a sex toy reviewer I have easier choices for just clit stimulation. But it would be great if you want a multiple-in-one toy.

Butt fun // Just flip it around and whala. Insert the bigger vibrator vaginally and angle it so the smaller vibe arm stimulates the butt hole externally. The rumbly vibes are very titillating. Also if you want to insert the smaller vibe in your butt, go for it.

Also you could insert the bigger vibe anally and enjoy the smaller ind vaginally.

Why it didn´t work for me, but who could it work for? I don´t like anything to curve toward my posterior vaginal wall. It feels off to me, and in these examples, the internal vibes curve like that… Just not my jam, but there are many people who thoroughly enjoy posterior vaginal wall stimulation! There are erogenous spots too!

For people with a penis// The bigger vibrating arm in the butt, stimulating the prostate and anus, and the vibrating smaller arm on the perineum.

Why it didn´t work for me, but who could it work for? I am a vulva owner, so I can´t give any actual evidence on how it would feel. But if you have a penis, then go for it and try!

All in all

We-Vibe made a very interesting dual stimulator. I see the potential that it has for many people. It is flexible and versatile. It worked for me amazingly well in one interesting way. But in most ways it wasn´t a match for me. The clitoral stimulator  wasn´t flexible enough, that the pressure would have been pleasurable, it was too intense for me. But for people who like pressure could really enjoy the ”traditional way” to use the Nova.


+ We-Vibe is a great brand!

+Bodysafe, rechargeable, waterproof…

+ Dual stimulator that has taken actual fact that all anatomy is different into consideration.

+ The vibrations are deep and rumbly,


-The bigger vibrator arm is weaker than the smaller vibe arm.

-The external vibrator can make a slight rattling sound sometimes.

– When used ”traditionally”, the clitoral applies too much pressure to my clitoris and vulva, especially when thrusted.

Reviews I loved:

Kate Sloan

Dangerous Lilly

Emmeline Peaches

Little Switch Bitch


You can buy the awsome, innovative We-Vibe Nova from


~~The We-Vibe Nova was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair,honest and unbiased review by, Thank you!~~







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