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Lunette – Menstrual Cup


I am woman, I have a vulva and I have a menstrual cycle. My Lunette menstrual cup has changed my life. I know, it kind of sounds exaggerated, but think about it. If a mensturuator has a regular cycle, they will bleed on average for 3-8 days, every month. Periods last on average for 40 years, and in those 40 years there is about 500 periods. So doing the math, periods are along us for a while, so when I found something that really helps and makes life easier I am confident in saying that it changed my life in a very good way.

Periods can me daunting, uncomfortable, painful, messy and just a not fun time. And different period products can make the menstruation experience manageable and even nice. A menstrual cup is my very favorite period product!  It is easy, hygienic, bodysafe, ethical, environmental, cheap and honestly they feel the best during use! Generic pads and tampons work, but I would never go back to them.  They have been bleached and chemically treated with potentially harmful substances. There are dyes, pesticides, fragrances, allergens… The materials are porous and fiborous, and often hyper absorbent. All of this can leave your vulva and vagina irritated, dry, itchy, red, yeasty…


First impression:
  • The Lunette cup comes in a pretty box with the cup itself, a satin storage pouch and a users manual.
  • The Lunette also comes and many different colours. I have the violet and the clear ones.
  • The Lunette Menstrul Cup comes in two different sizes (Here is the Lunette Size Guide) The size 1 is for a light to medium flow and often recommended for people who have not had children. The size 2 is for a heavy flow or people who have had children.

The Lunette is a soft silicone cup with a stem. The cup has ml measuring lines so you can track blood amounts. There is a top rim that keeps the cup in shape and below the top rim there are 4 small wholes (I guess they are to keep the ”air pressure stable”, when the amount of blood increases in the cup.).  The bottom of the cup has some ridges to grab on to. Then there is a stem you can pull the cup lightly to get it closer to the vaginal opening (do not remove the cup from the vagina by pulling on the stem). The stem can be cut to a comfortable length.


The Lunette menstrul cup 100% medical grade silicone. In the sex toy community, silicone is called ”bodysafe”, meaning it is:

  • non-porous
  • non- toxic (no toxic chemicals are used in 100%  silicone),
  • hypoallergenic (No human can be allergic to 100% medical grade silicone),
  • sterilizable (silicone can be sterilized. It can be boiled, washed with 10% chlorine solution, washed with soap and water…)
  • It will not degrade or breakdown! (Unless you use silicone based lube, do not use silicone based lube!)

DO NOT purchase a Menstrual cup from anywhere else than a legit seller! Those cups can be made of toxic materials and can react, melt, degrade or even cause reactions on your body like chemical burns, irritation, infertility and cancer! Only buy from reputable companies like Lunette!

Lunette cup in use:

I love my Lunette cup. After the very first time I used it, I new I would never go back to pads or tampons!

The cup is so easy to use! The more I use it the more the process ingrains in my muscle memory. The first couple of times, I had to focus and feel around and get to understand what I am feeling and doing, you know like, when you do anything for the first time. But now, after almost 2 years of using a Lunette menstrual cup, I am a pro. I can do the whole thing half asleep, no fuss, no thought just wham bam thank you ma´am and I am fine for the next 12 hours.

I also love the fact that I can use the Menstrual cup for those ”just incase moments”. Those days that I am not 100% sure if my period is coming or if it has totally ended yet. Or if I am wearing a white dress and I am feeling a bit iffy, the Lunette is there to rescue!

I have also used my Lunette to collect regular vaginal discharge/lube/bodily fluids. Let me tell you, there has been occasions I have masturbated with tons of lube and have had a great time, but then I must go somewhere, like a bikini sugaring appointment or the beach or somewhere where I don´t want discharge appearing. I could have opted to not masturbate, but that doesn´t sound fun. The menstrual cup won´t bother me at all. Doesn´t matter if I´m on my period or not. It won´t dry me out and it won´t feel uncomfortable. I honestly do not notice it, and actually have to set an alarm on my phone to make sure I remember to take it out.

The Lunette is also environmentally sustainable, and way easier on you wallet.You can buy a Lunette cup for 31,90€ and have it last up to 10 years. That is only 0,26€/period… Crazy cheap, compared to the average of about 6€/period on pads and/or tampons…


Lunette has a very simple and clear insertion and use guide I highly recommend reading through.

So basically:

  • Be hygenic
  • Relax your muscles
  • Use some lube if needed
  • Insert the cup.
  • Make sure the cup opens all the way by checking with your forefinger that there is no dents in the cup while inserted.

-Sometimes after insertion there can be a slight sensation of something odd. Like mini bubbles or a mini queef. Or as some people describe the feeling as ”oh no, my cup is leaking”. Don´t worry! There is just some air escaping the cup and it´s fine and I haven´t had actual leakage.

-I have noticed that washing or wiping my vulva AFTER insertion is the best.  The blood does act as some ”lube” so insertion is easier. Also when emptying the cup, the blood does spread just a bit on the vulva, so washing/wiping after insertion will keep your underwear clean.

Folding methods I like:

Lunette has a ”How to” for folding methods , which I recommend reading through. My personal favourite folding method is the ”Punch Down”-fold. Occasionally I also use the C-fold.


Punch Down -fold

Very comfortable and easy once I got the groove of it. I found my favourite ways to insert it was the ”punch down” fold. You just push one side in, insert and it pops open pretty easy.


C -fold

And the C-fold. Just squeeze the cup flat and fold it over once. It is the smallest way to insert the cup.  But because it is folded fully over itself, it has to be fiddled a bit more in the vagina so it opens up fully.

During use

The Lunette cup is the most comfortable menstrul product I have ever used. I also trust it more than other products I have used! So it really does go to the top of my list.

By comfort I seriously mean, I can not feel it. Maybe for a minute or if it is sligtly off tilt, but is is just a sensation. But I often forget I am using one and only remember I am on my period because my period app says so. I do everything with my Lunette. I eat, sleep, run, work, sit, dance and masturbate. It really doesn´t get in my way!

Masturbating// with the Lunette is also great and easy and pretty much mess free. I can use a clitoral toy and have orgasms without any mess. I have also used smaller dildos to stimulate just the g-spot. I just slide a small g-spotter in my vagina to press my g-spot while the Lunette moves just a bit out of the way. The cup can make a squeky sound, but doesn´t bother me. (I would not recommend any vigorous activities in the vagina. Only very small, gentle and slow movements!)

Discreet// When using a menstrul cup no one will see your period products. There won´t be any tampon strings dangling nor a pad on you underwear. Also no need for sticking a tampon or pad up your sleeve. Periods are natural, so those aren´t thing you should be to embarrassed about, but discreetness is still nice for those who want it.

Compared to tampons//
  • With tampons folks often feel some uncomfortable internal pressure. Like a slight uncomfort, pressure feeling. Also if a tampon isn´t inserted deep enough, it can irritate the vaginal opening.
  •  Some people can feel some itchiness or irritation around their vulva/vagina after periods. It can be caused by the combination of the chemicals in the tampons and the tendency that tampons have of over absorbing moisture. Tampons absoarb blood, but also natural lubricant that keeps the vagina balanced, healthy and moisturised.
  • Tampons leave traices of cotton/synthetic fibers in the vagina, which can be irritating.
  • Also blood that is abrorbed in a tampon gets in contact with air in a different way. Tampons can start to smell slightly after the blood starts to oxcidise.
  • Tampons must be changed often and it can be dangerous to leave them in too long. The max. time is 8 hours, but many women find that their tampons will be filled and start lo leak already before that.
  • Tampons also run the tiny risk os TSS. It shoulnd´t be a huge scare, it is very rare, but still… riskas are not fun.
Compared to pads//
  • The generic disposable pads are often bleached and chemically treated with color dyes, fragrances, pestisides… These chemicals can irritate the delicate skin of the vulva. People often experienced irritation, itchiness and dryness on and around their vulva. For some it is just annoying and for some it can be even an allergic reaction.
  • Pads are uncomfortable. It is a moist, warm pad against your body. Whitch feels icky but is also a very optimal enviorment for bacteria and viruses to thrive.
  • Pads often feel bulky and can show through tighter clothing. Pads can also rub skin when you are moving around, even up to chafing or blisters. Ouwie..
  • Many folks often bleed through/past a pad. It is very annoying whe clothing, sheets or furniture gets blood stains.
  • When you bleed on a pad, the blood is in disposed to air and bacteria. This can lead to unpleasant smells. Period blood itself doesn´t really have any unpleasant scent, it is just when the blood gets in contact with air and bacteria…
  • When you want to remove the cup first wash your hands!
  • Then bare down slightly with your PC muscles (like you would be taking a bowel movement).
  • Insert your fingers in your vagina, I use my front finger and thumb. Catch the stem with your fingers and slightly tug the cup lower if necessary.
  • Try to release the air seal with your fron finger by pushing the side of the cup. There is often a small ”air reliese” sound when the air seal breaks.
  • Grap the lines/bottom of the cup with your fingers and slowly pull the cup out, try to control the cup so you don´t splash the blood around yourself or the toilet.
  • Empty the cup in the toilet
    • TIP! Put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet to empty the blood on, so the blood doesn´t go to the bottom of the toilet bowl. It can take 1-3 flushes to have the blood rinse of the bottom of the toilet.
  • Rinse the cup in clean, running water if that is available and insert back in.
  • Clean your labia with water/paper/baby wipe so you don´t stain your underwear.


Give your vagina a break from the cup during showers. Just so it can ”breath” and be ”wild and free for a moment.


Cleaning and aftercare

Lunette has a ”How to” for Cleaning your menstrul cup.

  • I always boil my Lunette cup in water for 3-5minutes before and after my period.
  • Wash your Lunette between emptying. Or if not always possible then atleast daily.
    • Use their cleaning solution or just water and soap. Always rinse the cup with cold water to prevent discoloration and then with warm water
  • Make sure the 4 holes get cleaned properly and nothing gets stuck in there. I use a cotton swab to clean the holes and that has been pretty effective.

In the long run my cups do get discolored. It is just a fact that blood does stain, but honestly I don´t mind it that much. It is just color, my cups have never had any bad odor to them, so I can´t speak for that. I have read some great tips on how to clean the discoloration. Some say 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and let the cup soak for a night and the stains should ”melt away”… I will try this!

What my Lunette menstrul cup has taught me?
  • I feel like I know my body and especially my period and my vagina even better now. I mean, if I want to investigate and really track my period indepth, it is really easy to. But for those who find blood squicky can avoid it pretty well.
  • The whole feeling around and getting the cup in the right place thing has made me very comfortable with my vulva and vagina. I have always been comfortable, but this is just different. I have a goal, to get the cup in properly, so I would fiddle until it was right. I found some interesting things!
  • Lube is good, also in non sexual instances. Lube will make insertion even easier than what it already is.


My Lunette is causing something uncomfortable?

Lunette also has a ”How to” issues solving post I recommend you read.

The Lunette is hands down my favorite menstrual product, nothing comes even close to compete. But there are situations where I have felt some uncomfort, and have found awesome solutions to them! This list are situations I have had, but even them at their worst is better than a good tampon. So there is some perspective to these minor mini uncomfortable half  ”problems”.

The stem is too long // Everyone cervix is in different heights. Some cervixes are low, some medium and some are high, which affects the depth of the vagina. Thus affecting how deep the menstrual cup sits. So if you have a more shallow vagina, you might feel some pinching/irritation in the opening of the vagina or your labia. If this is happening, it is probably the stem of the cup that is poking on your bits. Just cut the stem shorter, and it should be better.

Bodily bathroom functions //  The vagina is between the rectum and the urinary track. And the menstrul cup is soft silicone, but it is round and it does take some space. So naturally, it also pushes slightly on the urinary track and the rectum. It is not noticible at all, unless I have to go to the bathroom.

I find that I when I have to pee, the feeling is stronger, and I have to encourage and relax my body more for the pee to happen. Which is pretty obvious, taking into consideration that the cup can sligthly press the G-spot and urinary track through the anterior (/frontal) vaginal wall.

And I have also learned to remove the menstrul cup before a bowel movement. Otherwise, the cup kind of makes a curve in the rectum and can make pooping a bit more difficult..

Wrong positioning // This hasn´t really happened to me. But for some, the cup can go up to high in the vaginal canal and nudge the cervix, thus can cause cramping. If this happens, just gently pull the cup down so it finds a better place to settle.

The cup can also be to low, and irritate the vaginal oppening. If this happens, push the cup in deeper, or cut the stem shorter.

If there is a dent, the cup can feel weird, so make sure the cup is fully open after insertion.

Lunette is leaking// This can happen, but really rarely and there is a reason for it.

  1. The cup isn´t fully open. If there is a dent, there isn´t a seal to keep the lunette from leaking. So everytime you insert the Lunette, make sure it opens all the way, it should not leak!
  2. The cup is overfilled. Empty your Lunette atleast every 12 hours, so maybe in the morning and in the evening. If you have heavy periods, then empty it more often. But if the cup get´s filled over it´s capacity, it can leak.
  3. It isn´t actually even leaking. Remember to wipe/wash your vulva after inserting the cup so there isn´t any blood left on your vulva.

I think I lost my Lunette in my vagina// No you didn´t. Do not worry. The cup can travel up hight in the vagina, your vaginal muscles can clench around the cup, your bowel can press on the cup.. but it will not get stuck, and you can get it out! Just relax, bare down, pinch the base, break the suction and pull it out. It might take a moment sometimes, but it will come out. Squat, lift a leg, bare down, have an orgasm…


All in all:

I love my Lunette! Best period related decision I have ever made, it has changed my period life in a positive way. It has made periods far easier, healthier, cheaper and more environmental. If I could say anything to anyone who has periods, try a Lunette Menstrual cup. This is my honest opinion and my honest recommendation. I have already ”converted” many of my friends to Lunette and they have converted their friends and so on… it is a product that keeps on giving.


+ Amazing Company, I love their morals, ethics and the people who own and work fot Lunette.

+ The best period product I have ever used.

+ Enviormentally sustainable, and way easier on you wallet.

+ It keeps period odor away, the blood doesn´t oxidize or or have contact with air, so it stays fresh.

+ Body, vagina and period knowledge is an amazing thing!

+Menstrual cups are very discreet, no strings dangling or pads bulging.


-Going to the toilet is a tad bit difficult. But still, easier than with a tampon. Just pull the cup out, empty and wash it, do your deed and put it back in.

-The cup will get a bit discolored after using it for a while. It is just the nature of blood… But in the end, I really don´t care! And there are tips to clean it!


You can buy your own Lunette Menstrul Cup from There are different sizes, colors and products!


~~The Lunette Menstrul cup was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair,honest and unbiased review by Lunette Thank you!~~









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