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Bad Dragon – Nox the Night Drake

Bad Dragon is the biggest fantasy dildo maker in the sex toy industry. They are very know for making elaborate fantasy, dragon, dinosaur and even animal dildos and penetrables (sleeves), that are very customizable. They make extremely big dildos for people who are totally into big things! Like, seriously dildos as big as my thing… Like wow! You can get cup tubes, suction cups, custom color, amazing range of sizes, shapes and firmness options… Just a limitless pool of dildos to mix and match from!

I wanted to play my dildo game on the safer side so my custom Bad Dragon dildo is a:

Model: Nox The Nigh Drake

Size: Small

Firmness: Medium

Extras: Suction Cup

Colour: Burgundy to Baby Pink fade

How did I end up with this toy? Well, I wanted a classic Bad Dragon toy, and many people own and recommend the Nox. It is a common first BD dildo, so I wanted it too! I studied the measurments and was weighing between the small and medium Nox. In the end I wanted to play safe and chose the small size.

Bad Dragon sent me the Nox and a  care package! I was Super excited to say the least! The Care Package included the Nox itself, mini dildos, white and clear colored cum lubes, a toy cleaner and a key chain. WOW!

My Nox is gorgeous and soft! The coloring, shape, feel simply everything is spectacular and beautiful! The Nox has a tapered head with a noticeable coronal ridge. The shaft has a bulbous shape to it, at the top it is narrower, the it hits a voluptuous 2″ in the middle and again the shaft tapers towards the flared, suction cup base (Whoop whoop, anal safe, o-ring harness compatible and a very strong suction cup). The whole dildo has some tiny textural nubs and detailing, which aren´t detectable in use due to the softness of the silicone.

In Use:

In use the Nox has some great uses! The Bad Dragon quality Super softness of their silicone, and the girthy bulbous shape of the Nox make it amazing for warming up and providing some comfortable filling sensation. The Nox doesn´t provide any intense sensations, it is more of a comfortable and gentle dildo. It is amazing for cervical stimulation though! Also oral is very pleasurable!



As mentioned the Nox is a very squishy and non invasive dildo. When inserted the silicone will mold to my body and create a very pillowy and light feel. My vaginal muscle can easily squeeze the Nox and that is an interesting feeling! Also there is a slight ”empty-filled-empty” thing going on due to the gradually bulbous shape of the Nox. My vagina doesn´t really distinguish the textural nubs, buyt I guess they do add something to sensation, maybe a tiny bit of friction/pull. Alos the Nox doesn´t provide any direct or intense stimulation to any specific spots. It is a great general sensation dildo.

My favorite way to use my Nox is deep thrusts. After being warmed up the squishy head massages my cervix in a very warm, deep and pleasurable way! At the same time the bulbous mid shaft is filling my vagina and pressing on my g-spot. Also my vagina opening is squeezing on the narrow lower shaft, so there is this interesting ”locked in” feeling. And while all this is happening the base itself is stimulating my labia… Just simply amazing! Orgasms linger and my vagina feels comfortably pleasured. Everything is gentle, squishy and soft. Everything is stimulated and loved, while nothing is pushed or pressed against it´s will. My vagina makes the decision on what it wants.

The soft, bendable nature of the Nox material makes it not optimal for fast thrusting or riding. Both are totally possible, but there is some amount of slippage and bending out of vagina when my PC muscles push out.

The big, squishy base is challenging to grip with my tiny hands. It isn´t annoyingly difficult, but I do have to readjust my grip every now and then. Also because the Nox doesn´t have any extra shaft length I can´t hold that as a handle.

I love to use the Nox as a gentle dildo, warming up for something more intense, cervical stimulation and just a stress toy! It is amazing!



Orally the Nox feels gooood! It has such a nice texture and shape and size for my mouth. I could just keep it in my mouth for fun….And again the squishiness and bendability makes it a great deepthroat practicing toy!


Have not tried out the Nox anally yet. Will update when tested.

Suction cup:

Bad Dragon Suction cups are AMAZING! They stick and stay put extremely well. I think the dildo would rip before the suction cup came off! I love it! You can bend, push, pull and wobble the dildo as much as wanted and the suction cup stays.

Care Package

I love the whole package! The minis, the lube and the accesories…

The Cum lube is amazing! It is like no other lube I have ever seen, touched and played with before. It is extremely slick, and slimy and slippery. It creates a thick slimy barrier between you and the toy and it is sooo stretchy. If I dip my finger in and start pulling the lube will keep following my finger for a long time! So it is extremely interesting and fun but also pretty messy and challenging to work with.

Also vagina owners should be cautios using the cum lube vaginally. It will create a ”plasticky” layer in your vagina so you should be ready to wash out thoroughly after use so there is no residue left behind.

The minis are more for fun and decoration! They are so cute and soft and fun to play around with. I guess they could even be classified as some type of squishies?

Key chain, a key neck ribbon thingy… I got a key chain with my a tiny, pink, glittery Nox on it, I was in love…

All in all:

Gorgeous dildo! I am absolutely in love with the color of my Nox, it is so photographic and pretty. I love the size and shape and of course the amazingly squishy silicone!


+Bodysafe, Silicone, boilable…

+ Beautiful! The color, the design, the material… Yummy!

+ Creates a very gentle, pleasurable and ”calm” sensation. Nothing intense or pinpointed. Just allround filling, pillowy pleasure.

+ Amazing cervix stimulation, soft, gentle but still direct enough.

+ The ”lock in” –  plug-esque sensation is really interesting and awesome!

+The strongest suction cup I have ever experienced.



-The material is so amazingly squishy that is can be difficult to thrust fast or ride.


You can get your own Bad Dragon dildo or Penetrable from BadDragon.com



~~The Bad Dragon Nox the Nigh Drake was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair,honest and unbiased review by Bad Dragon thank you!~~




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