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Kudu Voodoo – Laughing Dragon

This is such a gorgeous piece of art! And, get this –  it is a dildo. It is a big, beautiful, squishy, 100% bodysafe silicone, fantasy dildo made by an indie dildo artist/maker Kudu Voodoo. She is a great person to work with, I highly recommend!

I really was so excited to work with Kudu Voodoo, and my first task was to choose the model I wanted my dildo to be. Then I got to choose the colors, so many colors!  I was pretty much in love with the Laughing Dragon the first time I saw it, so the model choise was easy! And I has some idea about the coloring, I saw Kudu Voodoos Valentine´s colors and I really loved them! So I asked for a swirl of red and white and a bit of gold. It turned out stunning, Ashes has amazingly great dildo artesian taste so I trusted them right from the start. I have the Super soft silicone firmness, I believe there is other firmnesses as well!

Dildo INFO

Brand – Kudu Voodoo

Model – Laughing Dragon

Silicone – Super soft

Color – Red, white and Gold swirl




Ashes made my dildo fast! My Laughing Dragon arrived in a simple cotton bag inside a discreet cardboard box. I also got some super cute squishies  in a tiny pouch.


The Laughing Dragon is a girthy, mermaid inspired dildo. The Dildo has extreme detailing all over it! The head has a tapered shape a pee hole detail and  a slight coronal ridge. The head connects to a very girthy shaft. The sides and the  bottom of the shaft have a ridge from head to base that is a scale/finn like detailing. The Laughing Dragon has pretty awesome balls too (So LD is harness compatible and anal safe)! The balls have beautiful scale details. Just in general the dildo is a piece of art, so beautiful!


The silicone is very soft, squishy and pliable. One of the softest silicones I have tried, which I like a lot. The softness makes the dildo with all its´s detail and girthy glory ”easier to handle”. The silicone doesn´t really attract lint or anything extra.

The only thing I would say that it is pretty noticeable that the dildo is handmade and a piece of dildo art. All the detailing is molded into the dildo, but there still are crevices, imperfections and ”weak points” between the detailing. These things haven´t made any difference during my use. I just have to be extra cautious with cleaning all the nicks and crannies between places. Lube and body fluids do get caught in there somewhere if not properly cleaned and boiled.

In Use



A water based lube is a good idea when using the Laughing Dragon. The size, the texture and the squishiness add up to a dildo that can be difficult to thrust without proper lubrication or warmup. But once all lubed up and in use it is a very satisfying dildo. The girth-squish combination make the LD feel very filling but gentle at the same time. There isn´t really any targeted g-spot stimulation, more just general vaginal sensations. The side and bottom ridges give an interesting sensation, even though they mold to my body pretty well due to material softness. But they do stimulate very interesting spots in my vagina. I usually don´t think of stimulating lateral or posterior vaginal walls, so this is a very refreshing and intriguing thing to play around with. The ridges create some friction which feels really nice.

Orgasms are amazing! The Laughing Dragon has the Super squishy silicone which feels divine when having an orgasm. When my PC muscles start clenching around the Laughing Dragon it provides some resistance but still gives and molds to my body! Very interesting and pillowy.

Finding a good grip is a bit awkward for me. The balls and base are large and Super squishy so holding on is a bit of a fiddle. And because the Laughing Dragon isn´t that long the shaft can´t really be used as a handle. So in the end I just hold on and thrust… It works.


Something so soft feels Super good to suck and nibble on (Do not bite, the silicone is so soft it will mark easily). Just playing around with the textures and details and the softness is fun. The girth is too much to deepthroat.



Have not tried anally yet. Will update when I have.


All in all:

The Lauging Dragon is a beautiful piece of silicone, fantasy dildo art. It has a handmade, artsy finish, meaning it isn´t perfect. The dildo has some minor imperfections and needs to be cleaned extra well to get all sex-fluids out of the crevices.



  • + I love to support small, unique dildo makers.
  • + Bodysafe silicone
  • + Absolutely gorgeous product with amazing details and beautiful coloring.
  • + Big, squishy dildo, fills my orfices up!
  • + Interesting side and bottom ridges on dildo.



  • – Minor imperfections (…crevices) that can collect sex fluids
  • – So squishy it can be hard to thrust.


Who might like the Laughing dragon?
  • People who like interesting/customizable/artistic/fantasy dildos.
  • People who want girthy dildos in squishy materials.
  • People who want to get into bigger dildos, but want to start out gentle.
Who might not like the Laughing Dragon
  • People who dislike girthy, detailed and/or squishy toys.
  • People who dislike fantasy themed toys.
  • People who want intense g-spot stimulation.

You can get your own Kudu Voodoo dildo from KuduVoodoo.net


~~The Kudu Voodoo Laughing Dragon was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair,honest and unbiased review by Kudu Vodoo Thank you!~~



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