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Tantus – Cush O2

The Tantus – Cush O2 first caught my eye in 2016 when I was watching Erika Lynae´s YouTube video review on this dildo.  Erika praised the dildo and talked about it´s qualities and from that moment on the Cush O2 landed on my Sextoy wishlist. So I was very excited when Betty´s Toy Box sent me the Cush O2 to review.

First impression

The Tantus – Cush O2 is a non-realistic, 100% bodysafe silicone, flared based, Dual Density dildo.

Dual Density means that the dildo has a firm silicone core for stability and structure but also a squishier and soft silicone top layer so the dildo is comfortable and forgiving. Dual Density is also said to feel ”more realistic” t compared to a bio penis than single density silicone dildos. 

The Tantus O2 line in general is on the firmer side of Dual Density dildos I have tried. For comparison value Vixen Creations VixSkin, Bad Dragon or Doc Johson TruSkyn silicones are much softer than Tantus O2. I would describe Tantus O2 silicone to be a medium firmness, it has give to it and will squish between fingers, but it isn´t squishy per say.

The Cush is a girthy and straight dildo with ridges to stimulate different spots in the body. The head has a tapered shape for easy insertion. Below the head there is a slight ”coronal ridge” and mid shaft there is another ridge. From the mid-shaft down it is just straight, smooth dual densitiness to the flared circular base. The flared base makes the Cush harness compatible and anal safe.

In Use:

In use the Cush is a fine dildo. With fine I mean it is nice, it fills me up, it stimulates my g-spot and vaginal opening and prepares me well for other girthy dildos. But all by itself it isn´t a show stopper.



Warming up with smaller dildos before the Cush O2 and using a good quality water based lube (I am a Sliquid fan) is necessary for me. The girthy size and the semi intense ridges require my vagina to be relaxed and lubey. Depending on my arousal level the ridges and size combination can be a nice stimulation OR then a uncomfortable pubic bone popping sensation. Also depending on arousal levels and menstrul cycle I get different things out of the Cush. Because the mid ridge is 4 inches from the top of the dildo, there are times when my vagina is deeper and I can get the ridge to reach and stimulate my G-spot while other times when my vagina is shallower it won´t reach and I use it in other ways.

When a vulva is aroused the vagina relaxes, expands and gets deeper. This is when the mid ridge on the Cush is able to reach my G-spot while the head and ”coronal ridge” are stimulating my A-spot and cervix. This is awesome. The mid ridge is pretty precise and can rub my G-spot, while the girth is filling me up sufficiently. The shaft is straight and the ridges aren´t extreme, so the Cush is not a precise G-spotter, but it provides a nice all round fullness with some nudging on some special spots.

BUT. If my body isn´t ready  for the Cush can be used in a more shallow thrust matter. I will insert it just so the ”coronal ridge” massages the G-spot and the rest of the shaft is used just as a handle. And when pushed in deeper the ridge can stimulate the vaginal opening.


Other uses

The Cush O2 can be used all over the body.

  • In hands as a stress toy. Fondle, squeeze and give fun handjobs.
  • Fun to play with orally.
  • Can be used with strap-on harness (flared base)
  • Put in in your butt if you want. (flared base)
All in all:

A girthy, straight shaft, bodysafe, Tantus dildo. I like it. It doesn´t do anything crazy but I like it. It is a nice girth to warmup to and a nice girth to be a warmup for something else. It rubs my G-spot sometimes and I like to fondle it. I like the coloring of it, it has a clear/white silicone soft layer with a purple solid silicone core.

Positives/Why you might like it
  • Bodysafe, 100%silicone
  • Dual Density is really fun. Firm inner core with squishier outerlayer.
  • Multiple colors. Pink, purple and blue.
  • Flared base = Harness compatible and Anal safe.
  • Girthy and straight. Great toy to use for warming up for even girthier toys.


Negatives/Why you might not like it
  • Straight and Girthy. For some the girth is not good and the straight shape doesn´t stimulate them.
  • The mid ridge is quite low so for some it may not provide any sensation or cause uncomfortable popping.


You can get your Tantus Cush O2 from Betty´s Toy Box.


~~The Tantus- Cush O2 was sent to me free of charge, in exchange for a fair,honest and unbiased review by Betty´s Toy Box. Thank you!~~



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